Roadtrip Along the West Coast



The West Coast is said to be perfect for a road trip. The terrains, landscapes and the locations just add to the excitement. You visit Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, the touristy Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo. And not to miss, you visit Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz. And yes, you sum it up with a visit to the Bay City, San Francisco. For this trip, you arrive in Los Angeles and you depart from San Francisco.

  • On Day 1 and Day 2, you arrive in Los Angeles and on the first day, you go on a sightseeing trip around the Entertainment Capital of the World. The next day, you go on a full-day trip to Universal Studios in Los Angeles.
  • On Day 3 and Day 4, you reach the American Riviera, Santa Barbara and you just take in the many sights of the place, and engage in many activities and also enjoy the many attractions the place has on offer.
  • On Day 5, you reach the touristy beach destination, Pismo Beach and you spend a day soaking in the sun and the sands.
  • On Day 6, your journey brings you to another beautiful location - San Luis Obispo and you spend a memorable day here.
  • On Day 7, you depart from San Luis Obispo to the surfing capitals of the world, Santa Cruz and you go sightseeing around here.
  • On Day 8, you now move to another beautiful location in California, Monterey Bay and you visit some sightseeing places around here.
  • On Day 9 and Day 10, you reach San Francisco and here you set out to discover this well-known, iconic place. You go on a San Francisco city tour and visit the many sightseeing places around here.
  • On Day 11, your trip comes to a close and you return home from San Francisco.
Los Angeles (2), Santa Barbara (2), San Luis Obispo (2), Santa Cruz (2), San Francisco (2)
Arrival (Los Angeles), Departure (San Francisco)



Welcome to Los Angeles

The second king of the ‘West Coast’ and the home of Hollywood, Los Angeles can be outlined as the entertainment capital. It’s a city that sets trends, a metropolis with rich culture and history beyond imagination. Its charm lies in its serene Mediterranean climate, its beautiful sea line, its lively colorful nights, and modern architecture, challenging hiking trails, glamorous and dreamy neon lights that light up the place and the balmy warm winter sun. Pick up your car on arrival and drive to the hotel.


Full-day Universal Studios

Join us today for a tour of Universal Studios which has always been known for its innovative rides and attractions, and is designed to let visitors experience the movies like never before. A trip to Universal is like a trip into the heart of Hollywood. With films and TV shows always in production, one never knows who they might see wandering in the sidewalks of the park.


Los Angeles – Santa Barbara

Welcome to Santa Barbara - The American Riviera, where the golden hillside cascades into the sparkling seas. Red-tiled roofs give way to abundantly sunny skies.This is where wine country and lush gardens welcome you, festivals and music dance through the streets, and porticos lead to quaint downtown enclaves.


Santa Barbara: Day at leisure

Today, you get the day at leisure to enjoy the city on your own. Whether you want to relax on the beach, stroll through the city’s eclectic shops and boutiques, or figure out which winery you’re going to try first. You’ll find plenty of activities and attractions, from total relaxation to thrilling adventures.


Onto Pismo Beach

Pismo Beach is a classic California beach town with an unrivaled proximity to the wine country, resulting in the perfect pairing of Wine & Waves. This nostalgic beach side community is located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco on the Pacific Coast Highway and Highway 101. Pismo Beach is home to beautiful oceanfront accommodations, delectable restaurants, miles of rolling sand dunes, local wineries and a plethora of outdoor activities.


Up next: San Luis Obispo

Tucked between the Coast Ranges, the Pacific Ocean and right in the middle of the Central Coast Wine Country is San Luis Obispo. Here you can enjoy all the spoils of a life well-lived on the California coast. Spend time walking down the tree-lined downtown, where boutiques abound, wine flows, and farm-to-fork cuisine is fueled by SLO’s close proximity to California’s agricultural epicenter. Not simply is it being called “America’s Happiest City” for a reason.


It’s Santa Cruz City

Santa Cruz is one of America's surfing capitals, complete with its own museum devoted to the sport, and a beach whose waves are known all over the world. Spend some time enjoying the amusements on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, or head over to the local "mystery spot" where gravity doesn't seem to work normally. For outdoor recreation, Marine Sanctuary and Natural Bridges State Park are the places to be.


Monterey Bay: Aquarium & Sunset Appetizer Cruise

70 miles south of San Francisco, 35 miles north of Monterey, and unabashedly left of center, you'll find great surf, sandy beaches, redwood-covered mountains, laid-back towns’, organic farms, and a burgeoning beer and wine scene. It's impossible to pick one place to visit in Santa Cruz County. Monterey Bay should be one of them. Visit the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium and cruise the famous Monterey Bay Sunset Appetizer to get a feel of what this city has on offer.


In San Francisco

Welcome to San Francisco, one of the few North American cities to achieve a legendary status equivalent to places like Paris or London. The city's well-known hills offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay, and feature a wide array of shops, restaurants, and a cosmopolitan nightlife. In addition to its diversity and charm, San Francisco is a gateway to the Silicon Valley, America's premier high-technology center.

DAY 10

In San Francisco

You have the day at leisure in San Francisco.

DAY 11


You will depart to the San Francisco airport to board the flight to your next destination.


What is included

  • 2 nights stay at Los Angeles
  • 2 nights stay at Santa Barbara
  • 1 night stay at Pismo Beach
  • 1 night stay at San Luis Obispo
  • 1 night stay at Santa Cruz
  • 1 night stay at Monterey Bay
  • 2 nights stay at San Francisco
  • Daily breakfast from day 2
  • Full day Universal Studios tickets only
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Admission tickets only
  • Monterey Bay Sunset Appetizer Cruise - reach on own
  • Car type / Mitsubishi Mirage or similar


The weather varies between the Northern US and the Southern US. The Northern US typically has defined, distinct seasons. The climate in the North from the West Coast to the East Coast is similar. Spring is very pleasant, the summers range from warm to hot, and fall season is when the leaves wear different colors and winters are cold. In the Southern US, summers are very hot, and winters are mild. Spring and autumn seasons are pleasant. Therefore, essentially, the best times to visit the US are definitely the spring-summer months from May to September. If you are on an exciting road trip along the West Coast, and are visiting Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Santa Cruz and San Francisco, then ideally the months to visit would be the spring, summer and fall seasons - May to November.