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Holxo offers holistic and customized holidays, specially curated by our travel experts, with the best combination of handpicked hotels and travel experiences to suit all kinds of travelers.
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Your Well Travelled Friend

Holxo believes in making your holiday as experiential as possible. As your well-travelled friend, we have been in your shoes, and know what it feels like to have your breath taken away. It is while living in that moment, in your chosen destination that you experience it. At the end of your specially curated travel experience, you transform into a storyteller and your travel experience becomes the best travelogue ever!

You Want - We Know

A holiday is many things for many of you. It is a much-needed break, a vacation, an escape, a retreat, a voyage into the unknown, a journey of self-discovery and discovering newer sights. Neatly packaged into your varied requirements, are our carefully woven and curated tours and trips. We take you to lands waiting to be unravelled by you, in your own way with the Holxo touch!

With many trips planned and undertaken, not just within "Incredible India" but to destinations world over, we ensure that our holidays are truly worth it.

We Are Old Wine in a New Bottle

If you're wondering whether we are a new kid on the block, well you're mistaken. We are travel aficionados, who have been in the business long enough and have used our extensive travel industry background to create a unique travel platform, Holxo. We have gathered our strengths and experience, and are moving forward to this newly launched brand. Our insightful knowhow, local expertise and long arm of partnerships work splendidly in our favour and yours!

Old wine that is tempered, aged, and matured, when savoured, is in many ways, a great payoff!

If a holiday is what's on your mind, we, at Holxo are there to suit it up for you!

Holxo and the Dictum of 2Es

What is the underlying impetus for brand Holxo? How have we seamlessly fused the 2Es- Experience and Energy which are two ends of a spectrum? We've derived its very essence and combined it not just to our advantage but tailored to suit our clients' interests and needs.

Travel Connects the Dots...

Holxo believes in a way of life. It is our philosophy to make our curated travel experience do all the talking, so when you subscribe to any of our customized tours, you experience it just the way you envisioned, and your happiness becomes our driving force.

Just travel, and your perceptions change, your expedition takes you to newer lands and experience a whole new culture. We endeavor to connect the dots to newer extensions and places.

Holxo Is in It With You!

To all you travel enthusiasts', "Don't listen to what they say. Go See." and make it happen. Don't just hear or read, walk the mile, and trip away!

Get on the Holxo bandwagon and we assure you that you will live every moment of the experiential journey, not just then, but over and over again, because somehow, we are in it, enmeshed, connected and in the moment together.

Trip n Tour with your well-travelled friend! Holxo!

We have local expertise

We have built our network with travel specialists who have traversed miles, stumbled across cultures and befriended locals who helped them explore the city a little differently. Our expertise can help you plan a weekend away with your friends, accompany you on a solo adventure, surprise your better half with a romantic sojourn or plan a family trip to Disneyland. No matter where you'd like to go, we let you explore the best way to see the world.

We guarantee great value

We provide unmatched services at unmatched prices without compromising on quality. Our collection of holidays make you crave for more, on budgets, that let you travel more.

We partner excellence

We work with like-minded selves who share our philosophy and so we always guarantee to deliver what we promise.

We're a safe bet

We believe in building relationships and so when you travel with us we'll make sure you stay with us. You are our responsibility; when you invest with us you gain unmatched experiences accompanied by timeless memories. Certified by the organisations mentioned below, we make certain that you get more than your expectations.

We are travel enthusiasts

We are a team of passionate travellers from all walks of life. Curating holidays comes naturally to us, be it, a quick weekend getaway with your family or even a multi-centre experiential holiday.

We are your friend in need

When you travel, we simultaneously work behind the scenes to make sure you have nothing to worry about and when need be we are simply a call away.

We've taken a new and refreshing approach to making your dream holiday possible! How?

Our website search functionality allows you to efficiently search for all relevant content with ease and guarantees a more interactive experience. To start off, our website content is broken down into small buckets of relevant content that matches your requirement...into relevant themes (sun and sand, food and drinks, honeymoon, road trip, etc.) and social types (family, friends, couples, etc.)

We've also taken a leaf out of everyday conversations and grouped our holidays and hotels under pools of specialist-curated 'Collections' such as Top 10s, Best ofs, Top recommendations…all this, to make your holiday planning easier.

Our holiday pages have easy to grasp sections that help you absorb what suits you, leaving you with more time to get inspired.

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