Crystal Clear Lagoons: Sip on some delightful cocktails after hustling and relaxing in the sun and sands. The turquoise watersand the greens far away make this location seem like a page pulled out of a fairy tale.

Cinnamon Gardens: Itís one of the biggest parks of Colombo.Enjoy a peaceful walk amidst the lush greens and charming cinnamon scent and smell throughout the park! You also will see the Prime Ministerís office, National Museum and several beautiful mansions from here.

Viharamahadevi Park: In this family package, you will visit the heritage park which also happens to be one of the oldest parks of Colombo. It was originally called Victoria Park, but was later named after King Dutugemunuís mother and its name was changed to Viharamahadevi Park.

Galle Face Green: Admire the amber sun set into the Indian Ocean, walk around the place and treat yourself to some inexpensive yet fabulous local delicacies that are sold on the streets around.