Northern Lights Hunting: Iceland is one of the best places to catch the Northern Lights, especially from September to mid-April.Your chances of spotting this elusive phenomenon is best when it’s cold and dark outside with a clear sky.

Walk along the continental rift at Thingvellir National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a visual representation of a continental drift. The park is situated in a rift valley that marks the boundary between the Eurasian tectonic plates and the North Atlantic. Iceland is the only place where you will be able to see above sea level, the effects of two major tectonic plates drifting apart.   

Glacial Lagoon: The ice lagoon, one of the crown jewels of Iceland, due to its immense beauty is a popular destination. The chunks of ice speckled bring to mind diamonds that glisten in the sun. Huge icebergs, unspoiled nature and drifting clouds are what you are greeted with. The sights are surreal, majestic and overwhelmingly magnificent!  

Blue Lagoon: A chance for couples to relax and rejuvenate at this geothermal wonder by taking a dip in the healthy and warm waters of the Blue Lagoon. A combination of the lagoon’s geothermal water and natural active ingredients (silica, mineral salts and blue green algae) induce ultimate relaxation.