Chamonix (Mont Blanc): Experience the stunning beauty of the White Mountain, famously called Mont Blanc. It is one of the most beautiful and highest peaks in the Western Europe and is referred to as the roof of Europe. 

Lido Show: No Paris tour is complete without experiencing the world-famous Lido de Paris. The vibrancy, colours, sequins, feathers and the extravagant theatre performance is something you are sure to completely be bedazzled by. Itís one of the best cabaret performances youíll ever watch. 

Eiffel Tower: It must have been your dreams to visit the iconic Eiffel Tower with your beau and this Classic coupleís package gives you that romantic opportunity! See the city dazzle from above the ground and from inside the tower especially in the evening. 

French Riviera: Explore the enchanting Riviera along with Monaco, St. Tropez and the world-famous location, Cannes. The French Riviera experience would be incomplete without a visit to Monaco, known for its casinos and the world famous Grand Prix motor race. Monte Carlo is another stunning place for all your luxury purchases, night clubs and cafes for the best romantic nights.