Baby Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Centre visit from Nairobi: On this classic family package, you have the opportunity to take your children and family to the baby elephant orphanage where you get to enjoy the expert team of conservationists take care of animals. Enjoy seeing elephants enjoy a mud bath and get to learn about their behaviour and food. 

Aberdare National Park Game Drive: The view to the Aberdare National Park is absolutely stunning. You get to enjoy the stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro. You can also spot several black and white rhinos, monkeys, giraffes and several other animals. Itís a great place to visit with children. 

Mount Kenya: This package takes you to the second highest peak of Africa, which is an extinct volcano. It has one of the best views with U-shaped glaciers. This also happens to be the trail for migrating majestic African Elephants. 

Bird Watching at Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru: The Salt Lake is situated in the rift valley of Kenya and is encompassed by the Nakuru National Park. Due to its alkalinity, the lake invites thousands of flamingos and over 450 species of birds. Lake Nakuru is a natural habitat to the endangered black rhinos and other animals such as giraffes, lions and leopards.