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Jyotirlinga is a set of 12 Temples situated across North, West and South India and its most practical to visit them at least once across ones lifetime. Maharashtra circuit of Jyotirlinga is one where one is able to visit 3 undisputed and 2 widely renowned Jyotilringa temples alongwith most renowned pilgrimages of Shirdi, Sri Hazur Sahib Gurdwara (Nanded) and Shani Shinganapur Temple (A renowned Shani Temple).

Lord Shiva Temples are open from early morning to late evening. Roads in Maharashtra are good all through, therefore travellers are able to travel for 5-6 hours per day and still have enough time for rest, darshan and meals. 

What to Expect

Visit the famed Shirdi Saibaba Temple/ Experience peace at Trimbakeshwar Temple and at the pious Grishneshwar Temple/ Learn and discover the Jyotirlinga Temples/
Visit the City of Dreams Mumbai/ Magical Maharashtrian countryside drives/ Perfect pilgrimage tour

Why Is This Perfect for You

5 Jyotirlinga with Shirdi is a popular pilgrimage circuit that combines a most visited Pilgrimage of Shirdi alongwith all 5 Jyotirlinga Temples of Lord Shiva (Out of total 12) present in Maharashtra.

When to Go

The Jyotirlinga along with Shirdi is generally visited all through the year.The best season to travel here is during winter which is from October to March. During monsoons, that is July to September, the weather is beautiful and so is the lush greenery around you. Hotels offer great deals and bargains for tourists at this time of the year.

What's Included

Stay with breakfast at Shirdi, Nanded and Ahmednagar for 1 night each 

Car with Chauffeur all through the trip 

Temples to be visited - Trimbakeshwar Temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Grishneshwar Temple, Aundha Nagnath Temple, Parli Vaijnath Temple, Shani Shinganapur Temple, Bhimashankar Temple

Exclusions -

Lunch and Dinner