Why You Should Visit

  • The hotel will arrange a table for two on the beach front where you can feel the fresh sea breeze, making the candles flutter. To top it all off, you can hear the sounds of canopy snapping overhead, making this whole experience an unforgettable romantic evening.
  • On a hot day you can just sit back and relax while you indulge in some snacks and spirits.

Our Personal Experience

A 5-star resort offering guests a new-fangled setting, with serene gardens and a fascinating view of the beach.

Amongst the pacifying waterfall and soothing pond, is where the Melati Spa is situated. Its interiors are master-minded to reflect a blend of Thai tradition and contemporary architecture.

The View Restaurant’s open kitchen serves succulent seafood and fiery barbecue dishes. To indulge in rich local specialities, head to Kan Sak. The bars at the lobby and the pool serve refreshments. The end of your stay at Melati Beach Resort & Spa will promise to make you feel like an awakening of a dream.

Our Top Tips

  • To indulge in the ultimate romantic experience, arrange for ‘Villa BBQ’, which offers your own private chef and waiter to cater to your dining desires.