Why You Should Visit

  • Provides both bunk beds for individual solo travellers and Deluxe Family Residences forfamilies for a comfortable retreat.
  • It is located within close proximity to a shopping mall.
  • The absence of a swimming pool has been compensated byMoomSambai - a space to just relax and take in the surrounding water features.

Our Personal Experience

The decor is sleekand glossy, intended to provide a modern vibe with a cosy seating areawith polished black surfaces and stunning outdoor water feature.This hotel offers a huge variety with its modern amenities, comfort and contemporary designs, all at your fingertips to ensure an unforgettable and comfortable stay.

International cuisine is severed at Café 9 and Chili Hip serves contemporary Asian dishes.

Our Top Tips

  • Sippingon delicious cocktails and viewing the incredible skyline of Bangkok can be witnessed at TheCentara Watergate Pavilion’s rooftop bar with space-age style glowing furniture.
  • Shopaholics can fulfil their cravings at Pathumwan