Why You Should Visit

  • Not only is it located on the shores of the Lucerne Lake but it also overlooks the serene Lucerne bay and the stunning Alps.
  • The architecture not only resembles the French châteaux and Italian Renaissance but also seamlessly blends in a contemporary touch.
  • The walls are adorned with artwork, reflecting a variety of styles and eras, by famous artists like Martin Disler, Botero and Greg Mort.

Our Personal Experience

One of the most legendary hotels, the Grand Hotel National Luzern is also a luxury hotel which was built in the 1870s. The façade of this hotel is a perfect blend of baroque architecture which dates back to almost 150 years and au courant design with urbane flair.

Taking shelter by the shores of its eponymous lake in the heart of famous town of Lucerne, the Grand Hotel has it all. From providing the ultimate luxury for the most lavish holidays, to being the ideal place for social gatherings and occasions, to a gourmet terminus or even providing the milieu for inspirational events.

The dining atmosphere together with the dining experience of being served with delicacies which are of the highest quality make this place truly memorable. The restaurants, bar and coffee shop are situated on the terrace overlooking the serene lake.

Our Top Tips

  • If you want the best experience, then opt for ‘Residences with Lake View’. Not only is the residence tastefully furnished with elegant fabric but it also has gorgeous panoramic views of the lake and mountains.