Why You Should Visit

  • We love that the architectural design is derived from a traditional fishing village with Mauritian bungalows crafted with volcanic rocks and thatched roofs making it resemble like an upturned fishing boat.
  • La Pirogue Resort owns a 35 acre coconut plantation which is an absolute visual delight.
  • We love that the resort organises transfers from Pointe Maurice to the 18-hole Ile Aux Cerfs Golf Club, for those looking to play golf. 

Our Personal Experience

The resort offers the most romantic experience ever, where you get to walking out of the room and into the vast limitless lagoon. It makes you feel like you are living in the middle of an ocean with your beloved by your side. This resort is ideal for families and honeymoon couples, offering wide spectrum of activities and solitary viewpoints with the most serene uninterrupted views of nature. Couples can sit and gaze at the sunset for the most exotic experience.

The architecture crafted in the resort is inspired from the idea of traditional fishing boats and the use of wood and thatch, giving it a pastoral and rustic look.

La Pirogue Resort & Spa hosts themed shows and soothing live bands to keep you entertained.

The resort is nestled in 14 acres of lush tropical gardens all complete with the passionate fragrance of frangipani and hibiscus. 

Our Top Tips

  • The locals express their lifestyle through a musical expression, which is a joyous and happy feeling. Guests should not miss out on this as it is both fun and on the ball.