Why You Should Visit

  • We love the Maldivian-style open concept villas, which feature exclusive open-air rain showers and romantic private sun decks.
  • The villas are vast and glamorous and each has a Maldivian swing chair, called udoli.
  • The villas are crafted with coconut thatch roofs and the sandy floors giving it a creative yet rustic look to it.
  • The resort offers adrenaline pumping water sports activities like canoeing sailing, catamarans, windsurfing and free snorkel trips
  • For those not keen on drenching themselves in the water, can take part in an extremely fun game of volleyball or table tennis.
  • The island offers the best waves in the Maldives, making it an ideal place for surfing. The resort organises surf guides and boat rides to the surf site.

Our Personal Experience

Medhufushi Island Resort is a gem that’s nestled on a private island, offering rich leisure villas that open to the inexhaustible, marvellous lagoon and ocean. It is situated on a tranquil and reticent Island, which is just inches away the coral white beach and immaculate blue waters. An air of serenity prevails in the island, sheltered by coconut trees and lush tropical flowers giving it an extra feel of romance and passion.

The uninhabited neighbourhood promises that the surrounding coral reels and dive sites are virgin and have remain untouched, giving you an opportunity to witness the healthy and abundance of the miraculous marine life.

Malafaiy and Alfresco are the two appetizing restaurants, serving a variation of authentic local and luscious International tenderness. The mind blowing Vilu Bar is built over the serene lagoon and is ideal for a romantic sunset evening while indulging in exotic drinks.

Our Top Tips

  • For the most exotic experience, opt for the suites constructed over the mystical lagoons. These suits are the ultimate definition of privacy as it is accessible only by boat.