Why You Should Visit

  • Kurumba offers one of the most exhilarating popular activities, known as “jet ski safari”, this enables guests to explore surrounding alluring regions on a jet ski.
  • Rooms are nestled around a chunk of networked pathways, with authentic ethnic exteriors and contemporary furnishings, making it a one-of-a-kind design.
  • The Majaa (meaning ‘fun’ in their local language) recreation team is located in the intermediate of the island. The Majaa team is on their feet when it comes to serving the guest with the best experiences, including night snorkelling and tennis lesson.
  • We love that the resort offers a diversity of water sports activities like parasailing, snorkel lessons, wakeboarding, canoe, banana boat, catamaran sailing and sailing lessons.

Our Personal Experience

The name of the resort is derived from the abundance of coconut trees on the island. The resort’s nature loving outlook has resulted in the establishment of an orchid nursery. Weaved paths lead you from one side to the other on this vast, outstanding 30-acre circular island. Charming white beaches are guarded with weathered corals.

The bungalows and villas are spread across the island, amongst green vegetation just on the edge of the shore. The villas are floored with wood and furnished with timber, giving a rustic feel to it.

The resort serves exclusive baked delicacies, fiery sizzlers, succulent exotic seafood and savoury Thai and Chinese cuisine at various dining channels.


Our Top Tips

  • Decide on the beachfront deluxe bungalow if you want sensational views of the ocean.
  • If you want to participate in a more opulent experience, host a picnic on a distant sandbank.
  • You must visit the Maldivian village to learn and experience the fascinating rural cultures.
  • An interesting fact about the resort is that they have a “Culinary Calendarprogram, in which they offer contrasting dishes every month. Guests can accomplish a once in a lifetime experience by admitting themselves to a Maldivian cooking demonstration and cocktail master classes.
  • The resort offers thrilling experiences like- recycled arts & crafts, kurumba leaf crafts, marine biology presentation, coral gardening and coconut capers that you should try.
  • You can also participate in scuba diving and other adventure water sport activities in a 7-day program.