Why You Should Visit

  • The entrance itself mirrors a royal Balinese Castle complete with miniature frangipani gardens and features of intricate Balinese Temples.
  • The elegant décor of each villa is adorned with top quality furnishings and are equipped with a private swimming pool, kitchen, dining area and living area.
  • With the shore right around the corner, the Villa is right around the corner too. The proximity to lively entertainment centers at Kuta and Denpasar makes the stay here all the more eventful

Our Personal Experience

Taking its name from the Balinese number 18(Wolas), the resort features ultra-luxury villas that come with the sophisticated richness of Balinese culture. The villas come well-equipped with a private pool and a spa.

The Seminyak experience is complete with refreshing body massages and spa treatments. Above all, it offers a peaceful dining experience with the beautiful fish pond in the backdrop.

Our Top Tips

  • The resort has the option of renting scooters that make it easier for guests to explore the city and get a personalized experience.