On your 11-day offbeat Charming Croatia holidays and Montenegro for couples, you arrive in the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik. After discovering the town on foot, you move to Budva (Montenegro) where you spend 3 nights. From here, you move to the heritage town of Podgorica and later to the high altitude town of Zabljak and finally, you reach the last destination, the famed Kotor and you get to unwind and check out this beautiful spot. You return home from Dubrovnik.

  • On Day 1 you arrive in Dubrovnik and you check and relax for the rest of the day.
  • On Day 2 of your Croatia Holidays, you go on a nice walking tour around Dubrovnik, exploring the place on foot and enjoying each other’s company.
  • From Day 3 to Day 5, you move to your next destination Budva, and you engage in some nice local sightseeing around Budva. The next day, you go on a day’s excursion to Cetinje and Mountain Lovcen and have an eventful day out here. And the last day here, you go to the Skadar National Park.
  • On Day 6, you now move from Budva to Podgorica and you go Croatia sightseeing around this heritage city.
  • On Day 7 and Day 8, you now move from Podgorica to Zabljak and here you visit the famed Durmitor National Park.
  • On Day 9 and Day 10, you move to historically relevant, heritage city of Kotor. It is scenically very beautiful and is home to many monuments. You spend 2 glorious days going on a guided tour and also visiting Perasta nearby.
  • On Day 11, your beautiful, memorable offbeat Croatia trip comes to a close and you are homeward bound from Dubrovnik, Croatia.