Why You Should Visit

Kutch is home of indigenous arts and crafts (especially textile crafts).  Kutch Wilderness camp's excellent location on Bhuj - Khavda highway makes it an ideal base to explore the crafts and lifestyles of the Banni Grasslands, Nirona and Hodka.

Kutch Wilderness Camp offers open areas for dining and events that offer excellent views and is excellent for guests arriving for a getaway looking for relaxing and rejuvenation.

Birders can take a birding safari at Nakhatrana around Bani Grasslands to have a chance to sight rare migratory species birds including lesser florican, Stolizka’s bushchat, Grey Hypocolus, White naped Tit etc.

Kutch Wilderness Camp has style, character, views and earthly hospitality to be an an all season stay option for holiday travellers, bird watchers, experiential travellers and getaway seekers.

Our Personal Experience

Kutch Wilderness Camp is a one of its kind resort in Kutch area at 15 kms from Bhuj overlooking Rudramata Reservoir.

Kutch Wilderness Camp offers cottages overlooking Rudramata reservoir and one of the only resort of its kind to having wide ranging recreation facilities, activities and experiences on offer.

Kutch Wilderness Camp is built with cottages having ethnic character and local architecture flavor alongwith all modern amenities.

Kutch Wilderness Camp is the resort to arrive for bird watchers as its owned and managed by famous "Rann Riders Resort", a resort in little Rann of Kutch area near Ahmedabad renowned for as one of its kind bird watching getaway in India.

Rudramata Reservoir is full of waterbirds during winter and located at about 50 kms from White Rann and Desert Festival area, which is prime attraction of Kutch.

Unique activities and experiences include Royal Enfield Safaris, Craft village experiences and Jeep safaris for birding.  Guests can take part in various crafting workshops and learn wood carving, pottery, stone carving and block printing.