Corbett features a riverside experience, offering enthusiastic ranging experiences. The Bijrani range is apt for spotting tigers while the Dhikla range offers a great park experience.

Home to about 200 tigers, Corbett offers an opportunity to spot the majestic tiger up front and centre. The best places to spot them are the Bijrani and Dhikala ranges.

Being a well-known destination, the Bijrani range might be crowded with throngs of tourists over the weekends. So it is advisable for passionate wildlife enthusiasts to have a peaceful encounter with the birds and animals on weekdays.

The overwhelming serenity that bounds the jungle attracts many wildlife travellers. The fresh air, undisturbed surroundings and the probability of catching the glimpse of a tiger is quite enchanting.

The stunning park includes grasslands, Sal trees and snow fed rivers like the Ramganga and Kosi. The greenery of the park is everlasting even during the hot summers.

The intermingling of various birds and wildlife amidst splendid natural landscapes makes it an attraction for photographers.