Jodhpur – Popular Rajasthan destination offering a rustic countryside experience at the Bishnoi village. Get to know what it is to live a rural, countryside life. The city offers anyone a fabulous shopping experience and you get to dabble in textile and jewelry, and discover stories hidden in the Mehrangarh Fort. Indulge in local mirchiwada and head to the National Handloom Textile market for fulfilling shopping experience.

Mehrangarh Fort is mighty structure in the old city and takes a good 2-4 hours to explore the sheer scale and beauty of it. It offers an insight to the royal lifestyle and also a royal museum along with a royal temple inside.

The Old city is a beautiful buzzing city ideal for romantic strolls and photographers. Make sure to indulge in a lassi at the Shri Mishrilal Hotel famous for their lassis.

Bishnoi Village give one a close look into what a traditional craft village is like and the authentic countryside of Rajasthan, along with a pinch of wildlife. Indulge in a traditional Rajasthani dinner in the village and witness a cultural performance, to experience the uniqueness of the state.

Osiyan is a desert village about 60 kms from Jodhpur, offering the most stunning sunset on the sand dunes and fun camel rides. Don’t forget to dine at the desert camp and savor local flavor and delicacies. And this is a must-do trip for an unbeatable experience of romance and nature.

A jeep safari along the village and countryside is sure to take you to the depths of raw heritage.