Shoghi, a tiny piece of paradise tucked away on NH 22, is thirteen kilometres short of Shimla. Aamod at Shoghi is one the finest resort of Shoghi area offering travellers a feel of the forests, a range of activities and best of hospitality and services, while blending in with surroundings.

The cottages at Aamod Shoghi are all pre-fabricated structures in-line with Ecotourism norms to retain the experience of living inside a rugged forest while having all the modern amenities.

"The Colonial" - The resturant where one can indulge in Indian and local Himachali delights. 

Aamod Shoghi has extensive list of recreation options be it Indoors (Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Cluedo, Paying Cards, Chess, Ludo, Chinese Checkers) or outdoor (nature walk, short treks) alongwith many adventure activities and camping.