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Single entry visas are granted for 30 days for upto 1 month, with a processing time of 5 business days.
When to Go
Visit Vietnam from February to April when it welcomes spring or August to October when it ushers the fall season.
Currency Exchange
Vietnamese Dong (VND), 1 VND = Rs. 0.00

Why go

Walking through the lanes of this spectacular country, one can only think about how mysteriously beautiful this blue little planet really is. This tiny part of earth is in the eastern most part of the Indochina Peninsula and defies its abstract image of war by showering so much warmth that the goodness gets into your skin. And words cannot hold a candle to how breathtaking this whole country is. Colorful and bustling markets in cities like Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh will have you in their traps; the ones you wouldn't want to get out of. The beaches are another feather that you will, not by any stroke of luck, miss. As far as the people are concerned, they're not very difficult to get used to. You will not believe how great you feel while you are here!


Top Cities

Vietnamís Hoi An is a town that is so full of atmosphere and full of character that makes it all the more agreeable to anyone visiting this charming place. The Old Town used to be a major port, once upon a time, but today, it wears the veil of being a heritage place, what with architecturally designed buildings, and most of all, it is perfectly positioned by the riverside. The place has something for everyone, beaches, boat trips, lounge spots and more. So in short, whatever you choose to do or indulge in, the Old Town of Hoi An will serve it on a platter.

Imagine, or visualize, this, how would you feel, if you were to be floating past a thousand islands and more, all set in a cluster? That is Ha Long Bay for you. It is a place made up of many little isles and islands and this spectacle created by nature is incomparable. It is filled with soaring limestone pillars and a verdant forest cover and surrounded by tranquil waters. The place is a world heritage site and the place is filled with caverns, and visualizations cannot match up to this beauteous place and it is on every vacationerís must-go. And while here, what is it that you would like to visit or see? You could visit the Cat Ba National Park, or go cruising to the Cat Ba Island or for a round of shopping it is the Cat Ba Island Market.

Vietnamís biggest town, Ho Chi Minh City (locally referred to as ĎSaigoní and popular world over as Saigon) is your gateway to Paris in Asia! The charming boulevards and glorious French colonies, is sure to take your breath away! 

While the ancient temples and traditional markets say old is gold; the skyscrapers with terrific views and the exuberant nightlife scream modernity. From exotic street food stalls to amusement parks, there is nothing Ho Chi Minh City doesnítít offer! 

Whether you take a cruise along River Saigon or take a ride on a Pedi cab to explore the markets, you will undeniably fall in love with this stunning city!

Experience the charm of Vietnam in this little city. Hanoi preserves its culture while encouraging development and business. Settings that vividly entice your mood and show you the history and achievements of the land through its rustic architecture, museums, lakes, and markets that can keep you walking endlessly. A big chunk of what forms Vietnam will be missed if you skip this city. Friendly locals are everywhere and can even fill you in on a few things you can do while you are here. You also have a lot of water to see and the islands popping out of the water as if they were awaiting your arrival, makes this a must for any traveler. You should live here for at least three days. And yes, you will be more than pleased!


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