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Multiple entry Schenghen visas allow you to stay upto 90 days within a period of 6 months, with a processing time of 15 business days.
When to Go
The months between April to June are fairly temperate, while September and October also bring in pleasant weather.
Currency Exchange
Euro (Euro), 1 Euro = Rs. 79.62

Why go

With an undying dedication to living life to the fullest backed strongly by the spirit of appreciation for the finer things, Italy is a widely lauded country with an incomparable panache ingrained in its veins. The geography of this country is quite simply one of Mother Nature's finest works with snow clad Alps in the north, volcanic lands and grottoes in the south and a sparkling coastline on the Mediterranean Sea. Art imitates nature in Italy whether it's through the poetic legacy of Dante, cultural significance of Da Vinci or the modern day artistry of Prada. However, the culinary prowess is Italy's powerhouse attribute; every bite of the al dente pasta and truffle-lacedragùis a divine experience. A masterful configuration of Bon Appétit, Botticelli and Bella Vita (life is beautiful), Italy is a conundrum as riveting as it is magnificent.

Top Cities

Enter the delicious and artistic land, looked over by the majestic Vesuvius. Most impressive archaeological caches, it’s drapery of presumptuouscastles, palaces and churches and beautifully crafted delicacies coupled with rich volcanic soils, an unsparing and magnanimous sea, and generations of culinary proficiency,all bound together by the lively, courteous, food and football loving Neapolitans. Naples is the heart for all gourmet lovers, the coffee, pasta, pizza, street food, seafood; be it savoury or sweet all food is celebrated here. Look beyond the city walls and you will discover vistas of unforeseentaste - the ever welcoming and ever surprising jewel of Italy. Naples is certainly Italy’s most implausible chef-d'oeuvre.

Rome, an effervescent metropolitan area that gives refuge to lost empires and great monuments. The true essences of Rome are its fine details: from the grand boulevards to the beautifully cobbled lanes, true-to-life colours, the whiff of freshly ground coffee wafting with the warm breeze and the mouth-watering pizzas. As the saying goes, ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ – and the spirit of the city is consummately encapsulated by its people. A place that encourages nonchalance, this city has the whole enchilada - rich culture and history, bustling with entertainment and grace, delectable food and even heavenlier people. All roads do lead to Rome and Rome beseeches and beckons tourists to rome in Rome.

A memorial to the Renaissance, the city of Florence presents sculptures, frescoes, palaces, churches and other monuments from resonant names of the past – Michelangelo, Dante, Galileo etc. Take a breather because apart fromconsidering the Tuscan capital as a city which is a transcendental city of art would lead you not only to disregard the cosmopolitan and dynamic side, but also oversee its more silent trinkets –Italy’s lush gardens, a wide range of shopping options to indulge in, pastoral ambles on sunny eventide,far-reachingviews over grandiose cityscapes and an encounter with an assortment of foods from the highest rated restaurants to a small quaint home-cooked meals. When you strut effortlessly, flirting with the city, it seems everything is unaltered since the time of Medici. Only Italy is capable of delivering such pleasures. As they say – Italy is a dream that keeps retracing back for the rest of your life.

When you think of Venice youand your mind meanders and wanders to the beauteous Gondolas gliding through quiet canals while the Gondolier sings beautiful Venetian songs. Venice, as a quintessential magician, lives up to every bit of your imagination and more! A city built on water, carves its own path, its own niche in its own special way. A city that always dared to be different is known for resplendent architecture, outlandish fashion, modern opera and baroque music. With feasts fit for a king and gorgeous masks that ooze mystery, Venice is one place that will get all your senses tingling.

While people travel to learn and imbibe plenty of different cultural experiences, one can travel just for the simple pleasure of finding a place where you can spoil yourself to the bone! Milan happens to be one of those places where the richness of the city intermingles with its artistic and historic side to produce the perfectly crafted shopping experience for a hungry customer. While it offers a shopper some brilliant shopping experiences, it also makes sure that the history rich narrative of Italy isn't lost within the boundaries of the city. So, history is made luxurious in Milan and if you're a patsy for both, this is where you need to see yourself!


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