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Tourist Visa can be obtained on arrival for a max. stay up to 30 days.
When to Go
Baliís tropical climate makes it welcoming all-year round, however the best time to visit is between June - August.
Currency Exchange
Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), 1 IDR = Rs. 0.01

Why go

Floating between two mighty oceans, Indonesia is the world's largest island country and also the 4th most populated. The land of 76 active volcanoes and part of the Pacific ring of fire, Indonesia is the blissful product of fire and lava. It is an archipelago of 17,500 islands in which it audaciously treasures and celebrates biodiversity, culture, art and adventure. Whether it's the unflinching magnificence of Bali, the urban gusto of Jakarta or the earthly escapades of Bintan islands, Indonesia is a dichotomous elixir of glitz and grace. Immerse yourself in Indonesia's serenity and you might just discover yourself in ways you would have never imagined.

Indonesia is a concoction of spirituality, spectacle and simplicity and a manifestation of nature's finest creations. Traveling to Indonesia; it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

Top Cities

A serene and pristine island in the province of Riau Islands is Bintan Islands. Stretching out over to about 2402.28 sq.kms is this spectacular island, Bintan. And it encompasses the city of Tanjung Pinang. It is nestled in the Strait of Malacca and it has a unique name- Pirate Islands as it was the main loot destination for the Maya pirates back in the days. The climate is usually tropical and it wears a heavy humidity level especially during the wet seasons. The place has a seemingly calm and peaceful countenance about it and this is in a way very inviting to visitors and the calmness rubs off on anyone visiting Bintan. People like to relax and unwind here as they are away from the regular hustle and bustle. Though itís a small and quaint island in Indonesia, there are a lot of historic and monumental sites to visit and explore. Bintan also takes pride in their titillating underwater life that can be experienced in the form of scuba diving, and snorkelling. And one can go boating or kayaking to

Bali channels every personality effortlessly. In saying that, we mean that Bali has something for everyone- be it a crazy family of 24 on an annual holiday, to some young hipsters looking for travel exposure, honeymooners heading off for some very meticulously crafted privacy (yes, we've seen the movies and followed the honeymoon trends!) and the young and old who come to Bali to travel, learn and experience rich culture, intermingled with traditions from across the world. Because, that's what Bali does, makes time, space, and place for everyone and everything! What's more? Spend some time on one of the many beautiful beaches in Bali and have the world come to you with massages, drinks, amazing food, and hospitality. With Bali, it's always all-in-one.


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