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Any Indian passport holder having a valid multiple entry Schengen visa does not need a Croatia Visa.
When to Go
From May to August, Croatia enjoys great weather and it is a great time to admire the breathtaking national parks.
Currency Exchange
Croatian Kuna (HRK), 1 HRK = Rs. 10.71

Why go

Festooning the Adriatic Sea with a long coastline and speckles of thousands of islands, Croatia is an Eastern European country with a cultural legacy gifted by the multitudinous empires that once ruled this land. Present day, Croatia makes a glamorous attendance in every travel magazine and blog. The well-deserved acclamation is owing to Croatia's inherent lure and personality. As the colour of the ocean teasingly alternates between emerald and sapphire, your eyes can't help but be drawn to the mountainous Dinaric Alps hugging the coast. Famed for its wine and olives, Croatia excels in the gastronomy department with delicacies made from fresh produce and served by the most hospitable people. Somewhere between oodles of history, Roman and Venetian architecture, soul-stirring landscapes and the 'Jedi! Jedi! Jedi!'(Eat! Eat! Eat!)spirit lies Croatia's secret to its magnetism.

Top Cities

A live and happening city with Dalmatian presence and the ideal blend ofcustoms and cultureand modern influence makes it a perfect ebullient city. It is a thriving atmosphere that is made up of glorious museums, classyrestaurants, modern cafes, warm bars, lively markets and among the old walls lies the essence of Split that has been echoing for centuries.Split exudes ananomalous environment that can quickly divert your attention - suburbs with commercial and high-rise buildings on one side and the mountains reaching for the sky yet sitting on the edge of the coasts along with the tranquil aquamarine miles of waters on the other. Roam through the cobblestone boulevards that house boutiques, bars, restaurants or go for the views or plunge into iridescent waters – variety and quality make it arduous for one to be jaded in this Croatian gem.

Besides the coastal attractions of Croatia, Zagreb stands out as the capital city with art, architecture, culture, gastronomy, music and much more, making it a destination where you can get lost in the magical setting. Its triple analogy eases your choice – for the history buffs, you have the ‘Upper Town’ that cobbles the path for you to Austro-Hungarian architecture and historical artifacts. Step into the ‘Lower Town’ that is laced with shops, restaurants that offer scrumptious Croatian meals, theatres and more. The New Zagreb with high-rise buildings contrasts the antiquity of the rest of the city. Whether it’s waiting for your coffee as the sunlight glimmers into the cafe or watching your day pass by admiring the picturesque landscape; Zagreb paves the way to unforgettable experiences.

The Plitvice area is known for the Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is the oldest park in Europe and the largest in Croatia. Not just that, it’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  A network of 16 terraced lakes linked by waterfalls will truly take your breath away. You can traverse the area by using the hiking trails and walkways that take you across and around the water. Many endemic species of plants and animals can be found here. Affordable hotels are also in close proximity to the park that will let you get a good night’s sleep after an adventurous day at the park. The ideal times to visit are spring and autumn but visiting in the winter has its own charm.

Nestled away on a bay and surrounded by islands in the Adriatic Sea, Hvar is a quaint town that attracts thousands of tourists every year. Tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Hvar will surely give you the much-needed relief that you need. It boasts of the most pristine beaches, peaceful cafes, a wide array of resorts and hotels and a booming nightlife. In contrast to all this, you will be drawn to the rich culture which includes winemaking traditions that have been handed down for centuries. If you are lucky, you might even spot some of your favourite celebrities as Hvar is known to be a popular hideaway destination for them.

Despite the damages caused during the world-altering battles, the coastal town of Dubrovnikhas risen spectacularly and is one of the most sought after tourist destinations. The coloured tiles, the European-styled houses, ornamental buildings, the narrow marble lanes, the ancient city walls and the ceaseless gleam and cerulean of the sea not only give Dubrovnik an authentic touch but also illustrate its European origins. It is marvellous that despite everything this city has faced, each step, and each touch is reminiscent of a bygone era.A calm and resilient old town that descends a sense of awe every time you step in is Dubrovnik.


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