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United States Of America

Multiple entry visas are granted for 182 days for upto 10 years, with a processing time of 3-7 business days.
When to Go
The weather is amazing from April - June and the spring adds beautiful colours; September and October are also perfect.
Currency Exchange
US Dollar (USD), 1 USD = Rs. 64.69

Why go

Like its star-spangled flag, the United States of America is a star studded nation in the travel and entertainment realm. One of the largest countries in the world, each of its 50 states is individualistically magnificent.With majestic mountains that stand tall against open skies, lush rainforests with trickling rivers that pour into two oceans, crimson deserts that hold fascinating cultures, sparkling waterfalls that dive down deep canyons and world famous coasts that lead to charismatic beaches; it's safe to say that with every change in terrain, USA leaves you floored. But the greatest American experiences are often found amidst civilization. When you walk down the streets of the cities passing blocks and blocks of skyscrapers and hustlers, the air around you makes you feel like you're part of something bigger than you. A faultless concoction of culture, art, music, fashion, gastronomy, sophisticated lifestyle and humble towns, USA is the land of dreamers and achievers.

Top Cities

Of the two kings that rule the west coast of the United States, San Francisco can be termed as the classiest. Looked over by the magnificent golden gate bridge, San Francisco is an architecturally advanced city with tall buildings comprised by smaller yet equally charming neighbourhoods. Given birth to by the Spanish inquisition, San Francisco has also been blessed with the presence of the ever beautiful redwood forests. What San Francisco also is, is a pedestrian friendly (travelling by foot is the most convenient), a multi-ethnic society that has reaped the benefits in the form of art, culture and more importantly, the mouth-watering cuisine. Beautiful sunsets, serenity in itself, San Francisco is for any tourist, a dream, which has turned into reality.

The second king of the ‘west coast’ and the home of Hollywood, Los Angeles can be outlined as the entertainment capital. It’s a city that sets trends, a metropolis with rich culture and history beyond imagination. Its charm lies in its serene Mediterranean climate, its beautiful sea line, its lively colourful nights, modern architecture, challenging hiking trails glamorous and dreamy neon’s that light it upand the balmy warm winter sun. Los Angeles, a marriage of cultures and multicultural neighbourhoods is spectacularly modern yet, tied down to Mother Nature, one of the happiest places on planet earth, where fantastical thoughts are encouraged, with far sweeping vistas of natural beauty, golden beaches, captivating sunsets and  hillsides strewn with flowers. Experience the "city of angels", experience merriment amidst the canopy of the palm trees. Experience, Los Angeles, it will make its way to your heart instantly.

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when we mention of Las Vegas? The glimmering lights of the strip that literally hypnotize you and guarantee entertainment, excitement, fame and fortune. Vegas is a not so tucked away haven of indulgence, which shines dazzles like a diamond in the desert.

Revamp yourself in the glitz and glamour that Vegas is and come back all new and shiny because when Vegas promises you a good time, know that it means brilliant. From world-class hotels at throw away prices to casinos and champagne fountains and of course, quality multi-cuisine fine dining andshiny neon lights, talented performers, the skilled designers, the architect’s expertise; Vegas is a package of everything, an escapist vision where you can forget everything that pulling you down.

‘The Theme Park Capital of the World, Orlando situated in central Florida consists of over a dozen theme parks. Yes, it goes the whole nine yards with the adrenaline pumped fantasy and does not fail to thrill its visitors with loads of epic adventures with a touch of imagination and creativity that keeps one curious until the very end. This city is also nicknamed as “The City Beautiful” because it’s much more than just theme parks. Charming tree-lined neighbourhoods, plenty of lush gardens, out of this world cuisine, abundant source of performing arts and museums and a laidback slow pace of live free from the frenzied crowds are what you can experience when you’re off the coasters and on the streets of Orlando.Orlando draws upon a very thrilling experience of how dreams meet reality for all ages and sizes without any due restriction.

Pack your bags and get set to be fascinated on your trip around the capital city of the United States of America, Washington DC, where the area is so full of great architecture, history and culture. The varied architectural styles in Washington DC are a treat to your eyes and at every distance, the types of buildings designed are more different. Visit art and music festivals, stop by performance artists who take their art out to the streets and watchballet dancers perform or the Opera singers make your heart skip a beat. Though, the Government remains the sun around which the city orbits, the national capital is transforming and bringing about a new energy. It has seen a recent outburst of restaurants, cafes and clubs and it’s becoming hipper than the city you knew when you were in middle school!


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