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United Kingdom

Both multiple and single entry visas are granted for 180 days with a processing time of 20 business days.
When to Go
April - September is the time when spring falls upon London and greenery is all around.
Currency Exchange
Pound Sterling (GBP), 1 GBP = Rs. 90.55

Why go

There's something about the sun in England. There's something about the rains too. Something about the wind that gets you in the mood for whatever you want to do. There's something about everything in this vast stretch of land that, in the past, ruled and dominated several nations. England redefines class! There's Norman architecture that gets your attention almost instantly (but not if you've had a glimpse of it in other countries) and it feels like every stone laid on every promenade was placed with careful thought, as though the tradition of being the best would be hampered. While the city, obviously, keeps you engaged with energy and activities, the outskirts too, are nothing less than a spectacle that you don't just see, but witness. And when you return home and say "Goodnoit" to someone, then you can bet your vacation was on point!

Top Cities

Britain is swamped with beautiful cities, but none quite compare to the peculiarity of Bath. As queer as it sounds, Bath is named so for its natural hot springs and well-preserved Roman baths. But they much more sophisticated than a typical bathroom you are familiar with. Bath will seem like an open-air museum. Basked in the midst of the undisturbed limestone hills, surrounded by the babbling waters of the Avon valley, Bath is accorded the prestigious title of World Heritage site by UNESCO. The graceful Georgian architecture of its museums, theatres, cultural venues and almost every structure makes it an open-air museum. This is one city that will transport you to a bygone era.

Bath is not a word that rings with familiarity; well, unless it is used in the generic sense. But as a holiday destination, it is a name that you will use not only with familiarity but with reminiscence. For a small city, it is stupendous. Its magnificence

London, New York, Paris- three cities that every travel enthusiast will have enlisted on their itinerary. But let’s take London at the moment. For a city that is geographically not quite big, it is brimming with too many wonders to explore. Whatever your motive may be, your holiday is guaranteed to be eventful. Whether a party lover, food junkie, fashionista,   aimless globetrotter, or nature lover, London just has something for everyone. You’d think that a visit to just a well-known place would suffice, but dig deeper, uncover every nook and corner, rummage through the treasures that lie unvisited and London will seem like your very own Pandora’s box.

When you find a place by the river and spot a high land, guide your legs to the top and look around. You will only see the calm sombre sky wrapping this city around it only to feel slightly better than it did that morning. With city life, castles by the river, rich gardens and promenades, rumbling waterfalls scenic mountains covered with grass, moss and little flowers, this city blends into your pores and glows through your eyes and when your eyes glow, don’t you think everything looks beautiful? As you live here a few days and fly back, you will not be complete. You would’ve left a piece of you’re here! Sounds unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, only one way to know, experience it to understand it.

A port city, a national cultural hub, home to various Scottish institutions. With an average temperature of about 15°C (59°F), coldest of about 3°C (37°F), it lets you wear all the clothes you want to at the same time. While you are warm and cosy, walking along the streets or cycling around or jogging as the dawn sets in, the city prepares to surrender itself to you as easily as you do to it. It’s a mutual display of hospitality that comes out almost unknowingly. And in the evening, look for a vantage point and watch the city slowly change itself to a colourful paradise with different shades of lights.

You know you’re in Scotland when a bagpipe playing occasionally is just a usual affair, or when sheep guts are served to you as a delicacy or even when you laugh realizing that what Scottish lads have draped around themselves are in fact quilts but not skirts. But what better place to get the complete Scottish thrills than in its capital, Edinburgh. With half the city soaked in historic mystery and the other half gleaming with gorgeous natural landscapes, it is one place you cannot miss out on your itinerary. So grab a glass of some scotch for as the Scottish say, “You’re a long time dead.”


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