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Both multiple and single entry visas are granted for 60 days for upto 3 months and 6 months, with a processing time of 3 business days.
When to Go
With its warm and inviting tropical climate, Thailandís land and sea is visited all year round.
Currency Exchange
Thailand Baht (THB), 1 THB = Rs. 2.06

Why go

A rich man and a pauper, a recluse and an enthusiast, if you can't think of anything that these people share in common,and you don't know, you probably haven't been to Thailand as yet. And that's the connecting factor. The land where the sun shines just a little more brightly than usual on its golden temples and blonde beaches is, Thailand. It is indeed a revelation for a country. With a cuisine that has caused ripples across the globe and a topography that looks as though designed by the Gods themselves, this country and its diverse cities tops every traveller's priority list. But Thailand is so much more than its spicy, salty, sweet and sour gastronomy superstars - At its heart, Thailand is effervescent, historic, adventurous, paradisiacal, ever-comforting and above all, worth your every penny.

Words fail to describe Thailand's impact in the world of tourism. When in Thailand, there's a sense of belonging mixed with just the right amount of apprehension. You may travel to Thailand to escape life only to realize that in this country, life escapes you.

Top Cities

When stress takes a toll on you and you are completely frazzled, and if a vacation is what you need, then Koh Samui is the spot for you! This quaint part of Thailand has abundant coconut trees, beaches that look like a dream, spectacular panoramic views while you take a drive, mouth-watering food, coffee shops with stunning views and all else that tags along. Itís an amazing break from all that Thailand has to offer otherwise. Visit some interesting places while you are here and when you leave you will be taking an authentic piece of Thailand back with you as a memory.

Phuket is a fun-filled space with more than what you can ever ask for. Ranging from Water to islands, bright lights to sand, this place is never out of entertainment and guarantees warm fuzzies. Phuket is la la land for the ones who want to live inside a tale of adventures and great experiences. Some of the ever bustling areas here make it a through and through vacationerís spot with as many activities Phuket can accommodate for you. Not only visit Phuket, but experience every inch of happiness, shindigs, and pleasure the mighty city has to offer you. If you love living life to the fullest, key in the ultimate goal as Phuket, a must-see or must-visit in your lifetime, in your diary.

Chiang Mai, the only word that is apt enough for this tourist destination is- "Glorious.Ē Unlike many other tourist destinations, Chiang Mai, which means, ďnew cityĒ, hasn't tilted to a single experience. As a matter of fact, this beautiful city offer you a fresh, clean untouched side of nature, the expeditious lifestyle of the Thai society, the spiritual side of Thailand, and its playful, and glamorous side too. This splendid cityis situated near the Ping River, and some of the highest peaks in the country are found here.  Everything about this place will never cease to astound you at every step. Chiang Mai is a tour de force of well-managed tourism. Itís just one word- "Glorious". The rest is the sheer experience and the range of experiences encountered.

Celebrated as Thailandís second-most favourite and largest tourist destination, Pattaya is a must-visit for reasons galore. It has best experiences lined-up for you Ė be it nightlife, shopping, sightseeing, Pattaya is abundant with touristy pleasures! Located just next to Bangkok, Pattaya is just two hours away Ė there are flights and rides which are easily available, to take you there! There are lots to see, do, and savour, including great local cuisine. Whether youíre looking to script your next adventure holiday, or looking to unwind at your own pace and in style, Pattaya is a holiday makerís delight! 

"Yes, it is a beautiful place," was the answer! Was there anything so exquisitely beautiful, came to my mind once I set my eyes on the insanely beautiful place.

Bangkok, beinganalways ready to party city that moves at a lightning-fast pace thereís always something going on - sumptuous food, amazing parties, shopping, sightseeing and more. Its tropical beaches being the best, and the most beautiful in the world,what withtropical jungles, hill tribes, and an appreciation for the stunning landscape. I would say there could be a place none like Bangkok. Like two sides of a coin,it canít be separated. On one side there is lightning- fast pacedlife andon the other side a paradise with clear crystal waters, white sand powder and lush tropical vegetation that is stunningly beautiful and undoubtedly o


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