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Visa is on arrival for a fee of USD 50. Passengers should have Confirmed Air ticket and Yellow Fever Certificate.
When to Go
The dry season (June - October) is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts as animals are concentrated around waterholes.
Currency Exchange
Tanzanian Shilling (TZS), 1 TZS = Rs. 0.03

Why go

Frequent travelers and not so frequent ones as well, would never want to come back from this place. There are not many words that truly describe this country. A few days here will mackle or blur the rest of the world, if not completely cover it. The wilderness, the animals caressing one another as they are occasionally intruded by humans, the sheer magnitude of the mountain, vast plains that turn a shade of golden as the sun sinks, the rainbows after the drizzles, the exotic cottages overlooking the flat, untouched land the turquoise blue waters of the ocean. If this isn't what a piece of heaven looks like, then you clearly aren't made to appreciate nature and its astounding ways of enticing your very existence. When you go there, you won't be a city dweller, not even a countryman, you won't be a child or an adult, you'll just be the way nature made you, a human.

Top Cities

Once subject to autarkic isolation and hence going unnoticed, Dar es Salaam has the transfigured into the fastest growing city in commercial Tanzania. The flourishing trading activities that came about in this port town opened its doors to foreign influences thus making it a salad bowl of cultures. Translated to mean ‘haven of peace’ its name is quite apt for the sleepy fishing village it was. However, with the influx of urbanization, it’s not so much a village anymore. Dar es Salaam is a name that many a traveller might pay no heed to. But stop by anytime you’re in Africa, and you will be surprised.

Ever wanted to stroll into wilderness in luxury? Ever maybe thought that you could be chilling in a hot tub just watching the animal world go by and doing their own thing? Ever wondered if luxury and nature could co-habituate so perfectly anywhere in this world? Time to broaden your horizons and so we think Arusha in Tanzania is an amazing option for you. If you're a nature enthusiast with a thrill for adventure and luxury, head off to Tanzania's best kept secret, Arusha. It is an amalgamation of nature, wilderness, luxury, traditions, and customs and everything comes together so seamlessly and all that's missing is you!

Off the coast of mainland Tanzania, lies a tiny coral archipelago called Zanzibar. Though the name seems insignificant, this town has much more to offer than what the eye can meet. Regarded as a UNESCO World heritage town, this place has remained virtually unvisited by tourists’. Yet, the wonders of this colorful island are ascending into the destination limelight. Its paradisiacal beaches make it a grand slice of ocean heaven. Its cobbled alleyways leading to spice markets carry the reminiscence of a forgotten world. Its bustling markets tell of the diverse ethnicity that constitutes its culture and history. All together, they make Zanzibar an excellent place to explore.


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