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Multiple entry Schenghen visas allow you to stay upto 90 days within a period of 6 month, with a processing time of 15 business days.
When to Go
April to September is the best time to visit Switzerland, i.e. the summer season is ideal to plan a trip.
Currency Exchange
Swiss Franc (CHF), 1 CHF = Rs. 69.21

Why go

The gods, in all their glory, set onto creating magic, they culled all their ideas for decades and painted a landscape so ineffable that mankind couldn't help but drop its jaw at first sight; Switzerland! Known to be one of the happiest places to live in, this dreamy country will embrace you the moment you set your sights on it. It's a wonder how, with every turn taken, the view stays as beautiful, if not get better. This land is proud about a lot of things apart from chocolates and watches and one cannot disagree. It boasts of lakes with a beauty of epic proportions, the many mountains that fight the winds, of a culture that's rooted deep in the land and the people. If you do not want to head back from this dream, the world would understand.

Top Cities

Geneva,home to the UN and HQ of the Red Cross and a city full of buoyant people and breathtaking nature surrounding it,towered with white snow-cappedmountains; this site will fill you with awe and admiration. The shore of Lake Geneva is a definition of true beauty that will naturally make your heart go aflutter. Backpack to Geneva and explore the wonderful landscapes by the lakefront, explore art in the city that has been jeweling the place ever since the medieval period, visit the fountains of Geneva, the Flower clock in the English garden, the magnificent Cathedrals and other exotic places. With compassionate tradition and urbane mastery nestled between the adjoining Alpine peaks and hilly landscapes, this is as Genève as it gets!

Interlaken is a dreamland situated in the mountainous region of central Switzerland. The emerald waters and other pretty locations surrounded by massive mountains will only make you rub your eyes in disbelief of the existence of a place so beautiful. An adventurer's heaven, Interlaken offers adrenaline pumping activities like skiing, paragliding, canyoning, hang gliding and other likes of it. The dense forests, the glaciers and the white snow between the green waters in the city look like a painter’s best work of art, but in reality. The entire urbanised village of Interlaken is part of the Inventory of Swiss Sites.

The enrapturingcapital city of Switzerland, surrounded by a river holds on to its historic lineaments and is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The city of bliss is wealthy with culture, entertainment and leisure. The weather here is just perfect throughout the year.  Shop, eat and relax in Bernall through the year and make your vacation more than just memorable. Watch the bears, experience the great aura of the magnificent cathedrals, scale the massive timepieces and clock towers and thoroughly enjoy every inch of this beautiful city. Give meaning to your life with a vacation planned to this artistic city of Bern. A city that beguiles and jolts you at every chance it gets.

The mountain city of Luzern describes the little packets of ephemeral life that you always wanted to live; lakes, architecture, mountains, colours, lights, and a grand appetite. You may be sitting at a small café or overlooking the Alpines from the summit of a mountain or walking by the lakes with your beloved, you will not miss your insides screaming out to you to somehow stop time eternally. It is a masterpiece, this city, and we cannot, at least in the abstract, speak for the memories you will make here. Come prove us right!

Frequently recognized as one of the most liveable cities, Zurich, a lakeside location is appealingly set, culturally vivacious and proficiently run. Anamalgam of encounters with towering displays of the snow-capped Alps on the skyline, peppy and swashbuckling nightlife, hills running in and out of the city and a concoction of allures are what marks one of the hippest havens. The ancient heart of the city has been kept earnestly unscathed; yet, the contemporary and modern trends have been embraced with open arms. Eating the delicacies made from the finest of chocolates and cheese is probably a minor fantasy compared to all the other things that you get to bask in. And if the slow pleasant lifestyle here doesn’t entice you, then the awe-inspiring bursts of the panorama of nature will. Zurich is exquisite in all ways and will leave you smiling. You will have toconjure the courage of having to leave. So take a deep breath, calm down and let it perform its tricks on you.


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