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Sri Lanka

Double entry visas are granted for 30 days for upto 6 months, with a processing time of 24 hours.
When to Go
Sri Lanka is a year-round destination, but visit Sri Lanka during the dry summer months of January to March.
Currency Exchange
Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR), 1 LKR = Rs. 0.42

Why go

Blossoming out of adversity, Sri Lanka is a jewel that has been hiding in plain sight and has recently garnered enormous limelight in the tourism cosmos. Distanced from the Indian subcontinent by 18 miles of ocean water, Sri Lanka is an individualistic concoction of British colonial heritage, diamond-hearted locals, intimate culinary experiences, achingly picturesque landscape and tireless spirit. With a diverse topography of luscious rainforests and often uncrowded beaches, nature makes a deliberate effort to intrigue travellers into this country. While Colombo is tantalizing beyond words, it is in the most unexpected locations where Sri Lanka's ethos delivers a catharsis experience.

Travelling to Sri Lanka is not just monetarily friendly but it also gifts your mind and soul richly. There is a certain charisma in this country that is effortlessly fortified by its distinctive cities. The impulse to go to Sri Lanka has slowly become an evident symptom in the life of every travel enthusiast.

Top Cities

Galle is the administrative capital of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It’s about a 116 kilometers drive away from Colombo (the capital city). As you travel along the coastline, this commercial district spectacularly unravels. The name is derived from a classical Sinhalese term ‘Gimhathitha’ meaning ‘Port near the River Gin’ and after centuries of invasions by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British colonists, today, we know it as Galle. This historical city surprises you with its architectural heritage with its features showcasing a perfect blend of European and South Asian cultures. This city is endlessly exotic and is regarded as a world heritage site and it adds to the aura of the place. All in all, this is what makes Galle predominantly popular among tourists’.

Showcasing an old-world colonial charm and referred to as the 'city of lights', is Sri Lanka‘s Nuwara Eliya. Also known as Little England, this magnificent estate has English-style gardens, tea plantations arranged over rippling green terraces, and it’s an escape into the landscape of magnificent hills and misty valleys. Enjoy golfing in a golf course built by a Scottish soldier, and simply enjoy your day by literally going to the world's end and not to miss, the Horton Plain national park that is set amid lush foliage and offers spectacular views of Nuwara Eliya.

There is an air taxi service in operating to Nuwara Eliya which is in the central hills. The sea plane collects passengers from Peliyagoda, a suburb of the capital city, Colombo, and lands in Lake Gregory in Nuwara Eliya. (It is about a 30-minute journey) 

Sigiriya, meaning ‘Lion Rock,’ is supposedly a primeval rock castle situated in the Northern Matale District in the vicinity of the town of Dambulla in Sri Lanka’s Central Province. This rock was said to be built by the then King of Sri Lanka, Kashyapa who ruled the country from 473 to 495 CE. This is a city known for its history and mystery, as many of its secrets unfold during your visit.

Sigiriya, is now a major tourist spot attracting many for its mesmeric scenic splendor, lush green gardens, fountains, pools and many ruined structures. If you want to witness and experience old school art, the early urban planning, horticulture, the early civilization with some eye-pleasing views, then this is a must-visit city. Also, be ready to burn a few calories as you will be walking most of the time in this eighth wonder of the world, as most locals fondly refer to it.

Amidst the beautiful Kandy plateaus, amongst the beautiful hills, lies, what can only be described spiritually fascinating is, Kandy. What remains of the capital of the Nayaks, is the realm of spirituality it has to offer. This UNESCO world heritage site, is also one of the most significant sites in Buddhism. The cool tropical climate, and rain, accompanied by the tranquillity that Kandy offers its visitors is truly magnificent. Kandy was the final capital of a pre-British dynasty. Kandy is where Sri Lanka's traditional, rustic, charm converges with its contemporary partner. Through its sun-kissed streets, its architectural elegance, discover Sri Lanka. Discover spirituality. Discover Kandy.

Visit Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, for its rich culture, contrasts and also experience the chronicles of this rustic land which has been ruled by many including the Portuguese, Dutch, and British. The magnificent architecture in the city is a result of cultural fusions and the city practically wears that and can also boast about it. Everything that is resplendent here ranging from religious edifices to classic restaurants to the pub culture to beaches and much more are what Colombo has on offer. Colombo houses most suburbs that are liberal and promises to give you a great time while you are here.


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