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Multiple entry Schenghen visas allow you to stay upto 90 days within a period of 6 months, with a processing time of 15 business days.
When to Go
April to June and September to October are the best seasons to visit Spain but La Tomatina in end of August welcomes tourists from all over.
Currency Exchange
Euro (Euro), 1 Euro = Rs. 79.62

Why go

Spain is a country that quickly turns into an obsession. A wild celebration, this country is an adventure at every turn. From quaint villages to beautiful beaches, there’s lots to see and lots more to do here. Especially if you’re an adventure-seeker. Home to the world’s most beautiful and visited cities, Spain has everything from the cultural grandeur of Madrid, to the trendy air of Barcelona. It is the land of bullfights, cathedrals, world-class art and great food! It’s where the old meets the new, where modernity and traditionalism beautifully coexist.

Top Cities

Ibiza is a Spanish archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, a part of the Balearic Islands. It is called the “rave-addict sister” of the Balearic Islands because of its high-octane nightlife and musical razzmatazz which is also what attracts almost six million tourists (miles ahead of its actual population) every year. But there’s calm before the storm, or shall we say, calm next to the storm. If you take the roads that are not taken very often, you’ll find quiet localities, yoga retreats, calm beaches and coves all with a gorgeous backdrop of hills clad with pine trees. Furthermore, Ibiza’s rich heritage can be discovered in the ramparts of the city.

Ibiza is a world within a world. The splendour of this island is the reason Ibiza sits comfortably in the top 5 of every travellers’ list. Ibiza offers sugar and spice; and everything about it is nice!

Valencia. The third largest city in Spain will captivate your enthralling senses by showering you with art, architecture, a grand appetite, sun, sand, sports, colors, greenery and to make all of this a bit better, the liquor! Places like Gulliver’s Park can be quite a distraction for your kids. You can stay in the most gorgeous hotels and binge on the most exquisite food. Dig your toes into the sands of the finest beaches in the world and try some water sports while you’re at it. Go there during spring and autumn and you’ll love the city with all your heart. Let your hair loose in the nightlife and when you’re hungry, eat the delicious Paella.

Comely skies with clouds like scattered cotton on a blue blanket forms the backdrop of a city that describes Spain so simply and yet it is everything Spain, Seville. It is a place you’ll fall in love with even on a warm summer day. It has everything that you can think of Flamenco, beautiful monuments, impeccable architecture, lip-smacking food, gardens and all that jazz. You can walk around Santa Cruz, grab an early bite at the many restaurants. You have a large number of hotels and other accommodations to pick from depending on how much dinero you are willing to spend. And the beaches, you’ll have to experience them yourself. So come, get charmed!

Generously drenched by the Iberian sun and blessedly located on the coast of the aquamarine Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona is one the most riveting seaside cities in the world. Barcelona is the commercial capital of Spain because of its dynamic culture, exquisite food and beverage and legendary architecture. Every street has its own story to tell and every bohemian restaurant and bar has something to offer in Barcelona. Barcelona captivates everyone in different ways; the city is intoxicating for those who are willing to let go and yet somehow at the same time, it pleases those that just want to explore and have a good time with loved ones.

Barcelona isn’t just a city, it’s an experience! And an enchanting one at that! It’s like a warm hug, a good book to read, an adrenalin rush and a throwback all packed into one city.

The capital of Spain, Madrid is a vivacious city that promises to sweep you off your feet. The streets of Madrid exudes a certain relentless charm and sophistication that comes from its historical affinity towards music, art, culture and festivity. The Spanish contemporary architecture in the city provides a sublime setting to the life and spirit of the people. Madrid turns it up a notch at night when the streets come alive and the bars are filled with people, conversations and cocktails. An extraordinary trio of culture, glamour and tranquillity, the energy of Madrid caters to everyone. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, Madrid becomes home.

The animated city of Madrid presents you with a lifetime worth of exposure, entertainment and memories. The effervescence of the culture of the city is what makes it one of the most loved places to visit.


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