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South Africa

Both multiple and single entry visas are granted for 90 days with a processing time of 5-7 business days.
When to Go
The time between November to March is perfect to enjoy South Africa to the fullest.
Currency Exchange
South African Rand (ZAR), 1 ZAR = Rs. 5.60

Why go

A land dampened by two oceans, South Africa, as it name informs, is on the peninsular tip of the mighty African continent. Despite its aquatic disposition, South Africa is a fiery phoenix that has risen from its apartheid ashes. South Africa's heart-wrenching history may not be for the faint-hearted but it forms the very core of the country's identity. Naturehas been rewarding from the get-go in the form of Kalahari dunes, star-speckled desert skies, flourishing mountains and sublime sandy beaches. Wildlife superstars reside, ranging from ebony maned lions to whales and great white sharks. But amidst the foliage and fauna lies South Africa's astounding diversity, urbane persona and easy going culture that has truly put the country on the map. Very few countries possess the ability to have a harmonious coexistence of various people of colour, languages and cuisines in one land like the rainbow nation of South Africa.

Top Cities

Located in the Western Cape Province of South Africa is the lovely town of Knysna. The town is nestled right on the northern shores of a warm-water estuary known as the Knysna Lagoon and this is where it derives its interesting name from. The town offers a stunning, mindboggling view of the hills that is seen through the lenses of the thick rainforest cover around. The climate is oceanic which is perfect for travellers from all over the world. It also happens to receive the richest rainfalls in all of South Africa which adds the lush, verdant green touch to the town. It’s the place you should be in, if you love nature, hiking, trekking, and swimming or kayaking because it’s in Knysna, you get to do them all!

One of the largest cities in South, Africa Port Elizabeth is a vibrant and buoyantmetropolis.Encapsulating just perfectly the very paramount of what the country has to offer with miles and miles of untouched beaches, isolated lagoons, soaring mountains, rocky bays and cliffs, the spectacular coastlines, river excursions, fishing opportunities, scuba diving, boat cruises and snorkeling to witness the spectacular marine life – the list is never ending.From its authentic culture, historic settler towns, fascinating museums, sandy beaches, glimmering sunshine and wildlife spots, the ‘Friendly City’ will imprint in you the total South African experience.

Ever wondered if there's any place on earth where there are sun-kissed beaches and subtropical climate all year long? Well, now you can stop wondering and book your tickets to Durban where it’s summer forever and the beaches are just perfectly lined with the whitest sands and the most beautiful waves that you could have ever imagined. Apart from the stunning beaches, the party scenes are pretty tight, relaxation pretty high and endless amount of seafood for anyone who craves it so relentlessly! This city has more to it than the magnetic beaches – it is the city popularly known for world-class sports and even hosts major international events. Such a liveable city that offers great lifestyle, laced with activities and adventure and truly endowed with natural untouched beauty.

Its time you dive into the realm of this ambitious trendsetting city. Give in to the warm African flavour and let it capturing your heart!

One of the 3 capitals of South Africa, Cape Town is unarguably one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the world. Named the “World design capital" Cape Town has been attracting tourists from all around the world due to its balmy climate and it’s incredibly diverse tourist spots. It is lively, colourful, yet, relaxing and peaceful. Their extraordinary natural features, accompanied by the multicultural societies have given Cape Towna unique edge over every other city. You name it and Cape Town has it – numerous restaurants, outdoor activities, hiking, surfing, sun-worshipping, vibrant festivals and many more activities. A city adorned with the Table Mountain is a symbiosis of gastronomies, cultures and vistas, and there truly nowhere like it!

Commonly known as Jo’burg, Johannesburg is a city on a mission to revive itself with its urban neighbourhoods and rapidly rising office buildings. An unpretentious, warm and welcoming city is changing at a rapid pace and forms the vivacious heart of South Africa. The ‘City of Gold’ is more than just a financial and commercial hub but also home to nightclubs, art galleries, shopping avenues and cultural institutions. It is a city of stark contrasts and makes the perfect city to visit for people with varying interests. Whether you are going for the history and culture, to fuel your adrenaline rush, purely get some much needed R&R or even for business, delve in Jozi and in the vivacious soul of South Africa.


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