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Indians with a visa of minimum six months' validity of US, Canada, Schengen countries, UK or Australia will not need a visa to enter Peru.
When to Go
May through October are the driest months in Peru, with the peak months of July and August.
Currency Exchange
Peruvian Sol (PEN), 1 PEN = Rs. 19.91

Why go

Peru can be best described with an analogy to its national dish, Ceviche. A salad bowl of cultural influences streaming in from across the globe, but with just enough authenticity to make it the sensation it is. The infinite Pacific Ocean along the western shores compliments the dry, rocky terrain of the Andes while the great Amazon quietly dwindles its way through the marshy forests. Yet, if such natural diversity isn't enthralling enough, the cultural blend of ancient civilizations and the imperial west will only leave you dumbstruck. Nevertheless, a trip to Peru is an eye-opener to the wealth of the natural world and seemingly a peek into the riveting history that lurked through this land.

Top Cities

If the sound of Peru immediately brings Machu Picchu to your mind and you desperately want to see it, then you must book your tickets to Cusco immediately because unlike many cities in the world, Cusco is open for a visit at any given time of the year and they have insanely creative festivals happening year-round which means that you won't ever miss seeing Cusco in action- ever. If this doesn't tempt you yet, then let us tell you that their food festivals have the unique ability of being very flavorsome and supremely cheap. If you think alcohol goes best with food, then go on, eat, and drink to your heart's content because Cusco doesn't stop with just Machu Picchu!

The capital city of Peru is nestled on the nation’s Pacific Coast and is a colonial preserved center. The city offers one of the best paragliding experiences from a 200 feet high cliff overlooking the majestic oceans and the skyscraping city. Hold tight as your mouth explodes with the delicious culinary dining, because the nation was awarded the distinction of being the World’s top culinary destination by the World Travel Awards. Witness the ancient ruins amidst the modernized city along with its historical museums like Museo de la Nacion and Museo Larco. Indulge in a one-of-a-kind beach life, cultural events, and festivals that are pledged to leave you wanting to discover more of Lima.


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