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New Zealand

Both multiple and single entry visas are granted for 90 days with a processing time of 24 business days.
When to Go
The New Zealand summer from December to March is deal with long sunny days.
Currency Exchange
New Zealand Dollar (NZD), 1 NZD = Rs. 47.35

Why go

New Zealand is the kind of place where you should go if you feel like having the experience of a lifetime. The whole world is becoming global and with that, countries are struggling to keep up with the pace at which this dynamic is overturning life everywhere. That is, every other country in this world, except for New Zealand, where you can still catch a breath of fresh air and stare into the endless stretches of scenery because this paradise has decided to stand still in time and give everyone the thrill of life. You can sip on wine and dance along the white sand beaches or take a leap of faith off some really high peaks and sail across the country, but in thin air! It will especially suit your aesthetics if you're the kind of traveller who gets bored easily because one thing New Zealand offers is adventure- in food, music, architecture, lifestyle and most importantly, adrenaline! So here are a few cities you totally need to visit on your New Zealand holiday and some things you can do while you're there!


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