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Multiple entry Schenghen visas allow you to stay upto 90 days within a period of 6 months, with a processing time of 15 business days.
When to Go
Peak season for tulips is from April to mid-May, while the high tourist season is in July and August.
Currency Exchange
Euro (Euro), 1 Euro = Rs. 79.62

Why go

The only probable thing that would give you trouble in this ineffable piece of land would be the words and how you pronounce them. If that is taken care of, then the most marvelous things unfold here as you take the roads and the lanes, or as you ride your bike along the bridges and alongside the giants (because the Dutch are known to be the tallest people in the world), you just feel you're part of an actual fairy tale. Your proverbial excuses to travel and discover the world will mostly be revived here. The tulip fields, the brewed coffee, the many bridges, the beer and a land that's easy to scuttle through, for this land is almost as flat as a tabletop, will nudge the traveler in you almost as if it wants you to know that it isn't like the rest of the world, and we cannot agree more.

Top Cities

Known for its artistic heritage and stunning canal system, Amsterdam hosts the 17th century Golden Age legacy. The city offers a pleasurable visual experience of rustic brick buildings, rich history and the most beautiful flower shops. Lose yourself in the past by visiting the Van Gogh museum, Anne Frankís house and the Riijks museum. The city emits a charm of relaxing peddle and boundless chatter at adorable cafes until the candles burn low at the Dam Square. Donít miss out on a stroll to the Jordaan area, an old, working-class neighborhood and sink your teeth into some delicious Dutch cuisines. The city also offers some spectacular movie-watching experience by the seashore, where you can snuggle up in a blanket and indulge in an unforgettable Amsterdam experiences.


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