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Nationals of India can obtain a visa on arrival for a max. stay of 90 days.
When to Go
There are no absolute extremes in Maldives, making it a year-round travel destination.
Currency Exchange
Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR), 1 MVR = Rs. 4.19

Why go

Hemmed by crystal clear white sandy beaches, Mauritius is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. With one of the largest unbroken barrier reefs defining the island, the marine life is richly diverse, dolphins being the highlight!  Serving as a breathtaking backdrop, the high mountains along with the serene forests make one spectacular scene. A land of varied cultures, you will find here descendants from India, Africa, Europe, China; the lip smacking cuisine is a blend of Creole, Indian, Chinese and French traditions. The everyday scene at the colorful local markets would remind you of a time lapse video where everything is fast paced. One visit to Mauritius and you will take home experiences and memories that would last a lifetime!


Top Cities

Raa Atoll Itself is a stunning island and a real sight to see. Raa Atoll is a diverís paradise with great spots on both sides as the water conditions promote coral growth and brings in pelagic fish. During the months of October and November there is abundance of majestic Mantas as well. It is largely untouched and remains pristine, making it the perfect destination for a quiet romantic holiday or the perfect diving destination. The beauty has been capitalized on by some wonderful resort offerings to make your visit to Raa Atoll comfortable and memorable.

Kaafu Atoll, in the administrative division of the Maldives is a phenomenally beautiful group of islands which include a few stunning uninhabited islands. Kaafu Atoll however, is far from being defined by its administrative stature; its white sand beaches, majestic views, adventurous water-related activities, and spicy food offers the perfect makings of a getaway destination. The easy access to the beautiful reef gives you an inside view into life underwater as you snorkel or scuba dive and enjoy the variety of indigenous plant and fish species. Kaafu Atoll is truly a paradise out in the sea!

Go see the beautiful island resort located in Maldives called the Medhufushi Island. Live by the sea and listen to the splashing of the waves, feel the breeze and admire the scenic backdrops of the turquoise waters of tranquility. This isolated space is as calm as the mind during the time of meditation and relieves your body of stress and strain instantly. Stay in the wooden villas just by the shore over the waters of the serene beach in Medhufushi. A paradise on earth, this place offers more than just that break you are after.

Kurumba Island is yet another paradise that is a part of Maldives. Kurumba, where the sky and the water meet at the horizon and the sand is white and clean, the waters are clear and look untouched and the land is filled with coconut plantations that lend a good path to stroll in. No wonder, the beauty of the place is a given. Kurumba Islands offers a set of activities. With about 185 bungalows on the Island, spread across a sprawling 40 acres by the sea, this place reminds you of a luxury that you would forever long for. This is where you want to be - amongst absolute serenity and peace.

Not sure if you can travel around the world in 80 days but exploring an entire Island in an hour is definitely possible! Magnificent Male is waiting for you! The capital city of Maldives is colourful, inside out! The high-rise buildings that look like coloured candy bars and the clear waters of the lagoon that hold colorful fishes and corals underneath! To add to the awesomeness, the always sunny Male has artificial beaches (yes, you read that right)! Be it your honeymoon or a trip with your family/friends; at Male, you discover the sunny side of life!


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