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Visa is on arrival for a fee of USD 50. Passengers should have Confirmed Air ticket and Yellow Fever Certificate.
When to Go
Best time to go on a safari is any time between July and October, when you can admire the diverse wildlife of Kenya.
Currency Exchange
Kenyan Shilling (KES), 1 KES = Rs. 0.64

Why go

'Real freedom lies in wilderness, not in civilization' a quote best justified by Kenya. Located in the Eastern side of the African continent with a palm tree coast perpetually moistened by the Indian Ocean, Kenya is Earth's proudest display of biodiversity. With vast grasslands speckled with shrubs and herds of elephants, rhinos and zebras, Equatorial snow-capped mountains, the Great Rift Valley and the dense forests that homes the big cats of the jungle; Kenya presents travelers wildlife and wilderness that enthralls. Amidst the wild side of Kenya lies the simple and traditional lives of its people; whether it's the tribes or the city folks, Kenyans understand togetherness and compassion and how to rise above hardships. A bird's eye view of the Savannahs is almost as precious as the memories you will make in the culturally poised nation of Kenya.

Top Cities

Naivasha is a small, yet popular market town in Kenya’s Nakuru County, just North-West of Nairobi. Naivasha lies on the banks of the beautifully blue, Lake Naivasha. The terrain of Naivasha supports grasslands and cacti, both of which draw the native wildlife to the area. A majority of the population depends on agriculture for their livelihood; namely floriculture. Naivasha has a booming rose industry as well, which adds to its beauty.

If you don’t want to limit your stay at Naivasha to marvelling its beautiful lake, not to worry, there are plenty of wildlife tours that will take your breath away.

Mombasa has a heady mix of India, Europe, Arabia and Africa, a city steeped in history and culture modelled to become a cosmopolitan port with a coastline that stretches for miles. The old town is sprinkled with antique and curio shops with traditional architecture and winding streets bustling with activity, with the smell of spices wafting through, making it the perfect place to shop for souvenirs, authentic African goods and reasonable fashion. Between the water sports and exotic seafood, the snorkelling sites and beaches to bask in the sun, this coastal city has a lot to offer.

Many a country may boast of its territorial sensations and Kenya is an abode to natural treasures that often go under-noticed. Nakuru – a city with awe-inspiring features – is one such example. From its pristine ecosystems to the deep-rooted traditional wonders, this city has much to offer to those who simply seek a getaway from the hustle and bustle of monotony. It may not bring the glamour you would expect from high-profile holiday spots, but immerse yourself in its aesthetic beauty and you are in for a treat. Hike along the rocky terrains, trek up its massive mountains, swim in its serene lakes, camp in the midst of the wildlife and it’s a guaranteed escape.

Nairobi is literally Kenya’s beating heart with an exciting concrete jungle contrasting the unparalleled natural beauty. The antithesis of Nairobi is both celebrated and condemnedadding to the charm of everything the city has to offer from unique food experiences to a vibrant nightlife, from artistic jewellery to an inclusive cultural life andfrom the animal safari to the varying natural landscapes. It’s incredible National Park is usually the reason people visit Nairobi, but one is mistaken if you think that, it is all this city has to offer.


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