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Hong Kong

Indian nationals must complete pre-arrival registration before arrival. Multiple entry visas are granted for 14 days for upto 6 months, with a processing time of 24 hours.
When to Go
Hong Kong is a great destination all year round.
Currency Exchange
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), 1 HKD = Rs. 8.27

Why go

Hong Kong is a fascinating place from shoppers' to people looking for an urbane fusion of the East and West. It's a culture-rich country where many cultures are uniquely blended in together harmoniously. Famous for its exquisite international and local cuisine, colourful nightlife, world-renowned shopping, spectacular views and extravagant entertainment, take a night cruise at the Victoria Harbor to see the symphony of lights or visit the malls and bring out the fashionista in you and to awaken that little child in you, then Disneyland is a must-visit. There are many festivals happening through the year - Lions and dragon dances, fireworks, carnivals, feasts and parades, all add to the excitement. Fully immerse yourself in this brimming and buzzing city, where revolutionary skyscrapers rub shoulders with traditional Chinese temples and colonial buildings from another era. In short, it's a world within a world!

In a nutshell a visit t

Top Cities

Often referred to as the city of blended cultures, Macau is a one hour journey on water from Hong Kong. The city is filled with the smell of incense sticks from shrines and temples while the Portuguese tongues coexist with the Chinese population. But to the world, Macau is loved and lauded for its glitzy and glamorous casino culture. Popularly known as the “Vegas of China”, Macau encapsulates the oomph and dynamism of a 21st century city. It goes without saying at this point that the food and beverage in Macau aim to impress, much like everything else. Macau gives you traditional vs. contemporary, Portuguese vs. Chinese and scintillating vs. humble. Perhaps that is why we so often hear people say; Cities are like people, full of contrasts and complexities.

You know what they say about Hong Kong; “East meets west”. And it’s undeniably true! From the skyscrapers to the food and the culture, you can see a mix of both worlds running along the same river. You can go fishing, and you won’t have to travel far; it’s just outside the city. Anyone care for a nap on the beach? That’s possible too! The restaurants here are just amazing and some of the delicacies here are seldom found outside. Take the tram around the city - that’s an experience! Hop around several islands that Hong Kong boasts about. This here is a city but actually it seems like a world in itself. Start a new chapter in your life and immerse yourself in what Hong Kong has to offer!


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