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Himachal Pradesh

Major Airports

Chandigarh, Dharamsala

When to Go

Oct - May best months for Hill Stations. June-Sept is season for Spiti Valley.

Must Try Dishes

Dham, Mittha, Sidu, Babru

Major Festivals

Kullu Dussera

Why go

A playground of adventure, Himachal Pradesh makes you want to backpack your way through the plunging river valleys, icy peaks and rocky roads. It awakens your wild side and demands newfound athleticism in you. The scene shifts from valley to valley; every village nestled between the mountains audaciously exhibits their own cultures and beliefs. Exploring the convoluted terrain of interlocking ranges is almost as fun as trekking on them or skiing off of them. One instantly adapts to Himachal Pradesh’ breathtaking concoction of easygoing lifestyle, heavenly landscapes and Buddhism influenced culture. Hence, despite the unfamiliarity of the grand backdrops, a traveler feels cozy, safe and at home.

Top Cities

There must be some reason why the President of India takes his refuge from his career demands and heads off to the Retreat Building of the President of India in Mashobra for a break! That's right, it is a holiday spot for the President and if he chooses Mashobra over every other place in the country, then there's little doubt or question as to why you should. We personally feel that of all the places Himachal Pradesh has to offer, Mashobra is one that has a strong sense of individuality. It is a honeymooner’s haven and a backpacker’s delight. Not to miss, the food culture in Mashobra is so strong and we love linking food with tradition!

The thing about Shimla, the capital city of the State of Himachal Pradesh is that it keeps you going and rolling. You'll never want to sit still and enjoy Shimla because you'll be constantly left wondering if your time in Shimla is actually running out as soon as you think it is! Snow is a strong motivation for us when it comes to traveling and when we see snow packed so perfectly on beautifully built and maintained cities, we just lose it. Also, Shimla has some amazing pancakes. Would you actually need more reasons than that to travel? We definitely think not. Just a teeny mention of the abundant hot chocolate too and that's a wrap!

Manali is an inviting resort town nestled in the beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh. Manali is like that quiet person at a party who waits till the sun is fully down to take a few strong swigs and dance off the excess. What we love about Manali is that by day, it's a safe haven for tourists searching for some visual appeal and by night, the bonfires come out and so does the party spirit in the city. With a whole eclectic bunch of travelers from within the country and out getting together at Manali, it is least surprising that this celebratory spirit comes out so naturally and strongly. This one is definitely a favorite!

Nothing looks better on your travel resume than Dharamsala primarily because it’s a white cedar wood paradise. The interesting thing about Dharamsala isn't that it has abundant natural beauty, but the fact that it has plenty of personality and diversity which comes from a whole integration of cultural identities especially the Tibetan Buddhist cultural influence coming from the Tibetans living in exile in Dharamsala. You'll definitely want to make this trip for the sheer beauty that this place has on offer. But on a larger more satisfying note, to add to your depth of cultural knowledge, there’s a lot to gain from a visit here and yes extensive traveling too.

Dalhousie is located in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. This looks straight out of some Scandinavian postcard and nobody would doubt you if you lied to them stating the same. But, that's not why we love Dalhousie. In fact, the thing about Dalhousie is that it isn't caught up in a race to keep up with its slightly posh-ish European lookalike. Much rather, Dalhousie has got a personality of its own. With a great spread of amazing food places and the large amount of local art fairs and handicrafts Dalhousie boasts of, and while here, if you’re trekking through the hills of Himachal you will have very few things to complain about.


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