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Multiple entry Schenghen visas allow you to stay upto 90 days within a period of 6 months, with a processing time of 15 business days.
When to Go
Travel to Germany from May through October, or celebrate Christmas in December.
Currency Exchange
Euro (Euro), 1 Euro = Rs. 79.62

Why go

'Better be alone than in bad companyand in good company than be alone' is a saying that strikes many a German soul. But whether you are alone or in company, Germany is a country which will eventually grow on you. Be it in its contrasting variety of classic architecture, mouth-watering regional cuisine, swathes of green landscapes, or the kaleidoscope of cultural heritage every facet of the country's nooks and corners echoes and showcases and it's the versatility of the towns and cities that hold the spirit of Germany. From a country that evolved from a turbulent past and is now emerging as a global super-power, Germany is a cultural hotbed that makes for an ultimate holiday destination with great treasures just waiting to be explored!

Top Cities

‘Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg’ - which, when translated into the Victorian dialect, says "Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg". It isn’t surprising, that the official name hits of the pride Hamburg takes in itself, but why not? Hamburg, as a city has been able to establish itself as a truly magnificent city. A vibrant resonance felt at every step and a historical establishment, embracing the wonders of the modern world. From Its iconic theatres, internationally significant museums, unique cuisines, its acclaimed music to its infrastructural prowess, Hamburg's brilliance lies in its spectacular individuality. So visit the queen of river Elbe, and experience its mesmerising culture to the fullest.

You know a holiday has been unforgettable not because of the experiences that make it so, but because you leave that place having taken away something memorable. Frankfurt is a city that offers the same. Its multiple facets of contrasting varieties make it a gateway to European travels. While much of the city’s imperial look is kept intact with the untouched ruins of a bygone era, the rest of the province has emerged into a commercial hub with clusters of skyscrapers and urban landscapes. This amalgamation of its eventful past and colorful future makes it a city you must-visit while in Germany.

Steep alleyways, crowded streets, ridiculous amounts of boho vibes plus the most thrilling smells of coffee permeating every whiff- this is some of the strongest associations of Cologne you'll take away with you. While the architectural appeal may not be as strong as say a Paris or a Prague, Cologne has this immediate warmth that captivates a traveller into falling in love with the city for the sheer fact that it's more present day and pro modernity. While Cologne struggles to find its place in this fast paced world, travellers struggle to locate the one source of coffee that's just begging you to fall in love with it. Thinking of a Europe that meets you head on in time and space? Cologne is Germany's best gift to you ever!

Statistically speaking, Munich is receiving more travelers than ever. This is due to the Mediterranean styled street cafes, astounding art, high-tech industries, and the Mitteleuropa beer halls. Oktoberfest in Munich has got the whole world arriving and toasting. Stunning country castles, city palaces and art museums will leave you gazing at them, intensely. The city offers urban sports like river surfing or you can just get on your own and explore the marvelous mountains. While the city evolves into a winter wonderland, it breathes color during the summer. It is a real visual pleasing journey for history lovers and architecture buffs. Food enthusiasts’ travel long and far to sink their teeth into a traditional Bavarian sausage called Wrust - is a must-try when in Munich!

Half a century ago, the name ‘Berlin’ echoed synonymously with its etymological meaning- ‘The Slump’. It is true that it is infamously known for its turbulent past and revolutionary outbreak that alarmed the world at large. But all that’s long gone. In the modern day, Berlin stands out as a multicultural metropolis with just the perfect combination of glamour and rustic charm. Its urban landscapes and notorious architectural landmarks render it a sophisticated appearance, yet its expansive greenery continues to reflect the humble fishing village that it once was. For those seeking a journey through the evolution of German heritage, Berlin is a good start.


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