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Visa on arrival for a stay of up to 90 days is granted to the Indian nationals
When to Go
Although this destination is visited by the tourists throughout out the year, yet the months from June to September are ideal to visit, especially for bird watching.
Currency Exchange
US Dollar (USD), 1 USD = Rs. 64.69

Why go

Wedged between the colossal Pacific Ocean and the mighty Amazon, lies a little-known country that offers plenty to keep you on your toes. Endowed with a geographically rich terrain and favourable climate Ecuador comes packed with many natural wonders. Be it volcanic islands, sun-drenched beaches, gurgling brooks, cascading waterfalls or swathes of fields spread out like the ocean, you can explore the dust worn corners of this quiet country by foot or on a vehicle. The natural world may boast of exotic natural reserves, lush green sub-tropical forests, the spiny wilderness and the like. But there is another face to this culturally thriving tourist mecca; a face that takes you through the indigenous yet cosmopolitan lifestyle of the natives. So hop on board and acclimatize yourself to the extravaganza it has in store for you.

Top Cities

A tropical rainforest nestled 400m above sea level, offers the most enriching jungle experiences in the world. The place offers adventurous jungle treks, bird watching, canoeing, and community visits. The Yasuni Biosphere Reserve is home to the most diverse species on Planet Earth. The Limoncocha Reserve is located on the shores of the glittering Napo River and the flora and fauna in this region comesunder a biodiversity threat due to rampant oil exploration activities. The Yasuní National Park is the largest mainland national park and a UNESCO declared site and is considered as an International Biosphere Reserve. There is no place like the Amazon anywhere else on the globe. After you have experienced the extraordinary journey into the Amazon, you will take forever to relive the unbeatable experience.

The capital city of Ecuador is a city of remarkable contrasts. Wedged between the jagged gigantic Andes ranges,the atmosphere almost seems surreal. At heart, the city comes with a rustic charm and simplicity that’s best reflected in the unscathed architecture of colonial times. However, it doesn’t fall short of delivering the sophistication of contemporary cities. Probe a little deeper and you will discover the spirit that makes up this dramatic city. Be it in the sun-drenched beaches, gurgling brooks, Amazon rainforests or photogenic plazas, the city has plenty to keep you busy.

Quito is a city that comes with the glitz and glamour of the modern era but the touch of the era gone by renders it a look so calm and composed that you’d long to settle there someday. For a holiday destination, it offers a variety of experiences you would not forget or ever regret visiting.

A seductive volcano had an illicit affair and gave birth to a love child by the name of Banos who she protects and nestles securely in a region of immense beauty- this is the story surrounding the birth of Banos De Agua Santa or The Holy Bath Waters. A mesmerizing story like this can only be followed by an equally mesmerizing experience and if you're an aqua loving adventure junkie, this is THE place to go to. On a side note, if you love splurging on spas and healing treatments, you need to book your holiday right away to Banos, which still remains quaint among all the other cities in this overpopulated world!


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