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Czech Republic

Multiple entry Schenghen visas allow you to stay upto 90 days within a period of 6 months, with a processing time of 15 business days.
When to Go
The weather in Czech Republic is exceptionally pleasant between the months of April and September.
Currency Exchange
Czech Koruna (CZK), 1 CZK = Rs. 3.14

Why go

A land almost entirely surrounded by mountains,a land that consumes the most beer, a land of castles and a land considered to be one of the best to visit. Czech Republic is a place one must see in all living glory. Its vibrant lifestyle and culture will sink deep into you and the castles will help create fairytales in your mind that you might find useful later in life. Adventure too has its firm foothold in this country with lots of wilderness and caves to be explored. Czech people are amazing, the architecture is almost perfect and so, if you feel like you're dreaming, a pinch isn't necessary. Just know that Czech is always so!

Top Cities

It is often said that ‘big things come in small packages’. This stands true after your day’s long adventure in exploring the wonders of this medieval Czech town – CeskyKrumlov. Claimed to be the ‘Pearl of Bohemia’, it is an apt destination to gain insight into European history and culture. Its picturesque avenues bedecked with baroque architecture depict just how the town has remained untouched by the ambush of modernity. Apart from discovering some of the enchanting places, you can also partake in traditional festivities and local activities like fencing, jousting, historic dance performances. This will ensure the joy of visiting this world heritage site.

You know you’re in Prague when you wander along the winding streets adorned with Romanesque red-tiled structures while the aroma of authentic, quintessential Czech cuisine fills the air. However, if the simplicity of this historical face doesn’t suffice, the diversity of this modern metropolis will just do.Prague, the city of hundred spires, is an iconic destination that echoes of its cultural history be it in anold-fashioned pub or the pulsating nightlife at the Old town square. The eye-catching spectacles that never cease to die down will keep you awe-struck. Each district has its owncharacteristicaura blended with unrivalled charm. Prague introduces itself to you as a city that is fluid, it whifflesin style: it can be prosperous and romantic, contemporary and ancient but yet out-and-out cosmopolitan. Wherever you go, there’s one thing that Prague invites you to do and that is – explore and get acquainted!


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