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Both multiple and single entry visas are granted for 180 days for upto 6 months, with a processing time of 22 business days.
When to Go
To enjoy the outdoor activities, Mid-May to late June is a great time to visit Canada.
Currency Exchange
Canadian Dollar (CAD), 1 CAD = Rs. 51.20

Why go

Stretching from the Pacific in the west to the Atlanticin the east, Canada is where the 'cool as a cucumber' culture of the nation perpetually tries to outshine the wondrous creations of nature - it's a close battle, that's for sure. It's the second largest country in the world and is spread across 6 time zones with a diverse terrain of rainforests, wheat fields, towering mountains and icy lakes which form magnificent backdrops for holidaymakers. But perhaps nothing is more intriguing and spectacular than Canadian cuisine, art and music - Salmons and scallops with a glass of wine, film festivals and museums and jazz and pop music. Whether in the great outdoors or the well-planned cities, Canada's charisma is politely prominent; you can feel it in the air, taste it in the food, hear it in the music and see it in the landscapes.

Top Cities

Calgary sits within the beautiful elevated prairies just east of the Rocky Mountains where the Bow and the Elbow rivers meet. This city is situated in the Canadian Province of Alberta making it the 5th largest metropolitan city here. It is also known as ‘Cowtown’ and ‘Heart of the new West’ because of its agriculture, business, trade, tourism, and being the hub of Canada’s oil industry. Calgary is an interesting city interspersed with as much prosperity, a good mix of culture and profound beauty thanks to unspoiled natural resources and rich natural environment. This city is also well-known for skiing activities and adventures too.

Quebec City is the benchmark for beauty. A city with a majority of French speaking population, when lit up at night it looks so beautiful that it almost looks so natural like a part of the city, that it’s surreal. Located in a valley, by the Saint Lawrence River, a place that looks almost unexplored and anabode to head to if you are looking for serenity. The area is filled with greenery as this is situated in a valley which makes it a perfect mix of human advancements and natural beauty. Of course, you can taste what this city has to offer in a single day, but stay on and linger on to get entwined in Quebec.

Bienvenue à la Ville Mary, with over half of its population speaking French at home, Montreal is one of the most iconic and significant cities in Canada. Montreal has been evolving, as years pass by. In addition to the tall skyscrapers and the maple coloured landscape, what Montréal also boasts of is its unique culture and lifestyle. From food to architecture, the immense French influence hasn't been omitted, but has been thoroughly embraced by the city. Modern and authentic dishes, ice hockey to football, this UNESCO city of design has been evolving, yet through its imagination and inventiveness, has thoroughly aimed to enforce its uniqueness to the world.

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and it stands by the bank of the Ottawa River beautifully and elegantly in its bright light. Known to be one of the most educated cities in the world, it also playshome to museums, many boutiques, theatres, galleries and various art forms. Ottawa also plays host to a number of research, and cultural institutions, including the National Arts Gallery and the National Gallery. The Summers are warm and pleasant in Ottawa , Ice and snow take over in winter making Ottawa too beautiful to not experience. The pretty streets of Ottawa are full of activities and establishments like cafes and night clubs and more that could keep you occupied during your time here. Be a part of other great food and music festivals Ottawa hosts and go back with a memory for the rest of your life.

A melting pot of varied cultures, Toronto brings in eateries with inspirations from Italy, China, India, and Vietnam and yonder. It’s a city that paves way for more immigrants than Canadians with a total of 140 languages spoken. Although Toronto has a higher cost of living than most other Canadian cities, there are many free and affordable activities that can make this an inexpensive place to visit. Also, the best time to visit the city would be from the months of June to September as you could experience the summer which showcases an array of beautiful foliage and speckled birds chirping all around the neighborhood. The more you spend time in this city, the more you will love it!


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