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Flight Time From India
0 hrs
Single entry visas are granted for 30 days for upto 3 months, with a processing time of 5 business days.
When to Go
Cambodia welcomes tourists all-year-round but the better of the two seasons is from November to April to explore the temples.
Currency Exchange
Cambodian Riel (KHR), 1 KHR = Rs. 0.02

Why go

Witnessing the sun rising over the Angkor Wat by itself is enough of a reason to visit Cambodia. The ancient architecture coupled with the natural beauty make for a magical combination that brings in scores of visitors and locals alike, everyday. The hospitable people, humble and comforting food, bustling markets, stunning beaches, serene temples, and moderate climate are just a few more reasons to consider Cambodia as your holiday destination. Every type of traveler can find their happy place in Cambodia, from history nuts to thrill seekers, nature lovers to gourmands and the young and old alike.

Cambodia is an unassuming treasure full of jewels for everyone. With its progressive people and great weather a trip planned to Cambodia will leave every traveler with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Top Cities

Once an off the beaten track destination, this city now has earned its place in the ‘must visit’ list of ardent travelers and deservingly so! Set along the shores of the Tonle Sap Lake, it is home to the many ancient temples waiting to be explored and the city is often cited as the ‘Trekkers Mecca’! Popularly known as ‘The Gateway to the Angkor Region’, this resort town gets one to slow down and savor every moment you are here! The scent of the Khmer cuisine spread across the town, the tuk-tuks carrying tourists along the markets, the picturesque countryside with paddy fields, thrilling nightlife- Welcome to Siem Reap!
Phnom Penh is the Capital city of Cambodia. There are various reasons why it is the one of the finest, culturally true, yet startlingly beautiful cities in the world. Phnom Penh is a true example of why the past doesn't define the present. Its metaphorical beauty rivals its picturesque architectural creativity. From a first-hand experience of true royalty, to the busy rush hours of the markets, what you experience is Phnom Penh is something extraordinary. The warmth of the locals, and its every magical aura, makes Phnom Penh, the city with a soul, a home away from home.


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