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Multiple entry Schenghen visas allow you to stay upto 90 days within a period of 6 months, with a processing time of 15 business days.
When to Go
The Land of Mozart is exceptionally pleasant between April and September with cool breezes welcoming travellers.
Currency Exchange
Euro (Euro), 1 Euro = Rs. 79.62

Why go

Cue European aesthetics. Located in Central Europe, Austria is a German-speaking country where the rivers run deep but the culture runs deeper. As snow from the mountains melts into glistening rivers that flow through the deeply carved valleys and forms crystal clear lakes, it becomes instantly evident that Austria is a topographical masterpiece. The resonance of Austrian fine arts and culture, be it Mozart's tunes or Rubens artworks, can be felt even in the hairpin lanes of small towns,let alone the buzzing streets of the big cities. Gastronomically, Austria pushes beyond the schnitzels while staying true to its beginnings and local sourcing. Whether it's the springtime asparagus or the game and mushrooms of the fall, everything you see on your plate is fresh produce waiting to explode in your mouth. Like the bob of a pendulum, Austria swings between citified sophistication and outdoorsy simplicity in an admirable fashion.

Top Cities

Zell am See is far more than the administrative capital; it is a picture perfect city with its turquoise blue lake, leafy shores, and brightly painted chalets in the city centre with absolutely gorgeous snow-capped mountains as its backdrop. With its beautiful lake to dive into for a swim, emerald green grass to cycle on and snowcapped mountains to ski or hike on, this little city attracts over one million visitors every year looking for the perfect Austrian experience, both adventurous as well as laidback.

When life lies down uneven patterns in front of you and you have the time and money to help make that a tad smoother, you should go to Vienna; live there for a short span if you can. This place inspires you no matter what your interest is. It inspires you to travel as far or as near as you want and this city of music hits the right notes for you to fall in love again, with yourself, your dear ones and with life itself. Apart from what you eventually would call the best place to live on this planet, you can also spare a page or two to describe how this place enraptured your senses on a ride with its food.

When on a Euro trip, board a train from Munich and drop straight into the lap of pretty Salzburg in Austriawhich is surrounded by the high-rise mountains, the Alps and clear water fronts. It is a city known for its progress in architecture, both complex and wondrous. A befitting vacationing place for youngsters’, Salzburg has a large population of students studying in the three major universities here. A city so full of history and culture, it is also the birthplace of the Godly composer, Mozart. Jive to the rhythm of the city's bustle and music when you are here. If you are an adrenaline junkie, do head for an ice hockey match hosted by one of the stadiums there. The unexpected drizzles because of the Alpines surrounding this area are quite pleasant during the summer. And during the winter and spring, the area gets quite windy and breezy respectively.

Very few places in the world can offer you the kind of refuge from a busy hustle-bustle life the way Innsbruck does. If you're looking for a quiet escape into quaintness, Innsbruck is the destination for you. Nestled between the Alps (also called ‘the capital of the Alps), Innsbruck weaves together the new world requirements of modernity with the old world charm of Baroque architecture that has continued to inspire art to flourish all through the city along with the beauty of the alpines. What's more? For food hoppers, Innsbruck is also a sumptuous treat to the palette.A pint-sized urbane that offers needs and charms of a modern city and the freedom to be whisked away into the alpine mountains that surrounds and dominates the vista.


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