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Stretching from the belly to the tip of South America lies a country characterized by cultural offerings and natural assets. Unfurling diverse landscapes Argentina re-forges a connection with the natural world. Dotting cacti deserts, jagged Andean peaks, spiny wilderness, and leafy avenues of the sublime Pampas and glaciated volcanoes take you through a world left unperturbed by human intervention. On the contrary, it also sports a mosaic of modern metropolis. Brewed into a distillation of old traditions, the country is a window to the native lifestyle. Whilst you tap to the tunes of the upbeat tangosipping wine that packs a punch, the wonders of what this country is all about will begin to unravel.

Top Cities

Puerto Iguazú is a city bordering the province of Misiones, Argentina. The city evolved its infrastructure around tourism due to the flocking travellers visiting the world famous Iguazú Falls and the National Park. Bocamora is a stunning location overlooking three majestic nations and two charming rivers. The marvelous Tancredo Neves Bridge is placed across the beautiful Iguassu River connecting the Brazilian city and Puerto Iguazú. History buffs will be attracted to San Ignacio Mini, a UNESCO world heritage site of well-preserved ruins. GüiráOga is a forest and wildlife rehabilitation center that gives you an up-close jungle experience. Along with the beautiful wildlife and humming birds, you can feast your eyes on bountiful butterflies.

How does a small quaint town make its way into the travel diaries of people world over looking for adventure and some scenic beauty? Well, we must ask the Argentineans because El Calafate has somehow remained Argentina's best kept secret. You might think that Argentina is all sun, tan and greenery, but a less seldom fact is that Argentina houses earth shatteringly beautiful glaciers called the Perito Moreno Glaciers (yes, this is where Moreno glass jewelry also comes from), which if we can say, is the next best thing to traveling to Antarctica. If you're looking to tread some paths seldom traveled to, then you must head off to El Calafate.

Regarded as one of the most visited cities in South America, Buenos Aires is a blurred mosaic of a modern metropolis. From a bird’s eye-view, the city almost seems like a web of concrete structures entwined in an orderly fashion, but a closer look will expose the Moorish and ingenious styles that make the city quite an attraction. It’s undisputed that the city comes with natural offerings that draw in multitudes of visitors’ every year. But the highlight is the fiery spirit that translates into a profusion of regional celebration. From unrivalled diversity of music styles to the mouth-watering cuisine, Buenos Aires makes its mark in almost every aspect.

Buenos Aires is a city that packs quite a punch. From lip-smacking goodness that overpowers you to a culinary haven, to the fiery tango that arouses your senses, the city promises you an experience that is sure to keep you on your toes.


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