Add on to your Hong Kong Trip: Welcome to Macau!



Add on to your Hong Kong Trip: Welcome to Macau!

by Holxo Travel Specialist


A must do when travelling to Hong Kong is a trip to Macau, commonly known as the ‘Vegas of China’ due to the many casinos that the place has to offer. Read on to find out how to plan this trip and discover fascinating places to see in Macau, beyond being the Vegas of the eastern part of the world.

How to get to Macau from Hong Kong

The journey from Hong Kong to Macau will take you about an hour by ferry. There are four ferry terminals in Hong Kong that provide options to travel to Macau and you can choose one of the two available ferry services TurboJET (red ferry) or Cotai Water Jet (blue ferry). Essentially, the Hong Kong Macau Ferry Terminal and the China Ferry Terminal are the most convenient options. Also, you should choose the Hong Kong to Macau ferry service operator based on where you are headed to in Macau since both operators head to different locations in Macau.

Price: 132 to 172 HKD for a single economy trip (approx. Rs. 1100 to 1500).

Places to see in Macau

1. Macau Casino Hotels: Well, of course, you must do this and help the place live up to the name it’s famously known by - the ‘Vegas of China’. It is very easy to get to the casinos here since there are free buses that pick you up from the ferry terminals. Although the casinos leave you spoilt for choice, make the difficult decision of choosing one and board the bus to reach your destination.

2. Fortaleza do Monte: Macau has a lot to offer on the culture and historical front, even if you aren’t a casino person as it used to be a Portuguese colony. One such places to see in Macau is the monument Fortaleza do Monte (Monte Fortress), which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built between 1617 and 1626. The Fortress also hosts the Museum of Macau, which can give you great insights into Macau’s history and culture.

3. Ruins of the Church of St. Paul: You can also visit the ruins of a Jesuit church that was built in 1602 and was one of the greatest monuments of Christianity in Asia. One of those simply-not-to-be-missed Macau attractions! 

Ruins of the Church of St. Paul
Ruins of the Church of St. Paul

4. Bungee jumping from Macau Tower: If you seek adventure on this vacation, definitely head to Macau Tower for the world’s highest bungee jump at 233 meters. You can also explore other activities on the tower such as the Skywalk, or the world’s highest tower climb at 338 meters. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, but it is a great way for a bird's eye view of best places to see in Macau from a different angle!

5. Taipa Village: Visit the historic Taipa Village to walk through alleyways with traditional Chinese shops interspersed with colonial homes and churches. You should definitely try the egg tarts and the serradura pudding sold at the tiny cafes in this neighbourhood.

Taipa Village
Taipa Village

Where to stay in Macau

In Macau, you can stay in international hotel chains such as Grand Hyatt, Sofitel, Crowne Plaza, Four Seasons, St. Regis, etc. Alternatively, you could also stay at the casinos, such as Parisian Macau, Grand Lisboa, Venetian Macau, etc. There are several top luxury hotel options in Macau. Macau also offers slightly more affordable options for accommodation.

The Venetian
The Venetian

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