Top Things to Do in Singapore at Night



Top Things to Do in Singapore at Night

by Holxo Travel Specialist


Once overlooked, now Singapore is getting the spark that it deserves. Slowly, it is becoming a hit-list destination in Asia. The city is efficient - whizzing around the city from one part of the town to another in the MRT system (public transport system) is easy. With new lines sprouting up every-so-often, it’s very easy to explore every nook and corner of the island and locate top things to do in Singapore.

Singapore is turning over a green leaf - the concrete building lined skyline which dominated the city is now paving the way for green skyscrapers. The city is working toward the dream a ‘City in a Garden’ - being more sustainable, essentially greener.

Singapore attractions range from Michelin-starred fine dining restaurants to cheap street food- both travellers and Singaporeans line up for the food and each neighborhood has copious amounts to offer. The transition from day to night is no big deal for Singapore - after sunset, there is more than enough to keep night owls occupied. Moreover, it’s a safe place to roam around at night. Get moving and discover top things to do in Singapore at night.

1. The Garden Rhapsody Light Show

Watch the Gardens by the Bay explode into a life of multi-colors at the Garden Rhapsody every night; plus, it’s free! It’s a magical show where the lights and music come together and create a dazzling spectacle. These Supertrees that you witness are almost 16 storeys tall. Every day the theme featured is different. Sit at the base of the tree for the best view.

Where: 18 Marina Gardens Drive
When: Everyday - 7.45 pm and 8.45 pm garden rhapsody

2. Cosmic Bowling   

At a chain of bowling alleys – Orchid Bowl, visitors are greeted by thumping music and disco lights. Along with lights and sounds, this bowling alley is meant for glow-in-the-dark bowling with luminous pins and balls- something that has made it among the top things to do in Singapore.

How cool is this?

Where: Safra Yishun, SAFRA Punggol, Safra Tampines, THE CHEVRONS, etc.
When: Every night 10 pm until 1 am (Sunday-Thursday) and 3 am (Friday-Saturday)

Cosmic Bowling   

3. Night Safari

Make your way through one of the first night parks on an eye-opening journey. There are over 1000 animals and the park has formed different zones to recreate many geographic regions according to the natural habitats of the animals. Apart from the Malayan flying foxes and the majestic leopards, be sure to watch the legendary Creatures of the Night show and the thrilling Thumbuakar Performance (fire stunts).

Where: 80 Mandai Lake Road
When: Everyday 7:30 pm to 12 am

Night Safari

4. Light show at Marina Bay Sands

Watch the skies of Singapore sparkle with the lasers and LEDs because of the magical ‘Spectra,’ a first choice among top things to do in Singapore. Spectra is an outdoor light and water show displayed to the public for free over the water. The beautiful symphony of music, light and water is almost telling you a story, one that leaves you in awe. This 15-minute show will razzle and dazzle spectators with colourful visual arts, dancing water fountains, special lighting effects and inspiring orchestral soundtrack.

Where: Event Plaza along the promenade
When: Every night 8 pm and 9 pm (Sunday-Thursday) 8,9 and 10pm (Friday-Saturday)

Marina Bay Sands

5. Cycling at night

Admiring a place at night has its own charm. Cycling through Singapore at night and experiencing different sites is an adventure you must do. While you enjoy the cool breeze and amazing views, you can tone your muscles too! Places like Punggol Waterway, Changi Village, Ulu Sembawang Park Connector are some of the places you can cycle around.

6. MovieMob

Whether its family night or date night, movies are always fun. How about taking it one step further and going old-school with an outdoor drive-in movie experience. Munch on popcorn while you watch free movies screened at numerous locations of MovieMob across Singapore.

7. Reverse bungee

Pump up your adrenaline at the reverse bungee- one of the new entrants to top things to do in Singapore. This is a ride, not for the faint-hearted, where you are strapped into a metal cage that tosses you to a height of 60m at a speed of about 100kmph. There is another ride called the Extreme Swing. Participants of the ride are lifted backwards into the air to a height of about 50m before they come dashing down at a speed of 120kmph. Thrills aside, these rides are ideal for panoramic views.

Where: 3E River Valley Road, Clarke Quay
When: Everyday 2 pm to 12 am

Reverse bungee

8. Cable Car ride at Mount Faber

Ride a cable car that is suspended 120m above sea level and witness 360-degree panoramic views of Sentosa Island and Singapore’s harbour. Prepare to take tonnes of photos on this 13-minute journey of a lifetime.

When: Everyday 8.45 am to 10 pm (last boarding at 9.45 pm)

Mount Faber

9. Nightclubs / Partying

The nightclub and partying scenes in Singapore are alive and take a major portion of top things to do in Singapore. Get ready to put on your dancing shoes and stay awake until dawn. There are many different spots from EDM to hip-hop to jazz to beach clubs. Some spots that you should visit are:

  • Zouk
  • Attica
  • Altimate at 1-Altitude
  • Bang Bang
  • Cé La Vi’
  • Kilo Lounge
  • Tanjong Beach Club

The chances that Singapore will let you get bored are almost zero to none. When you’ve got daytime activities out of your system, explore the city in a whole new way - at night.

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