Best Cities to Visit in Switzerland & Things to Do There



Best Cities to Visit in Switzerland & Things to Do There

by Holxo Travel Specialist


Switzerland is very often illustrated to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. At times, its beauty is surreal; it feels like you have encountered a picture-perfect postcard overflowing with silvery snow-capped mountains, lush green forests and dazzling blue lakes. Apart from all this, not to be surpassed, are the best cities to visit in Switzerland, quietly nestled amid breathtaking natural wonders, which have plenty to offer – chocolates, clocks, hiking, skiing, shopping and nightlife. There are more than many reasons to fall in love with the natural beauty, culture and people of this heavenly adobe.

Here’s a look at the cities you must visit and the things to do during your next trip:     

1. Interlaken

Situated amidst two lakes and encircled by tall peaks, Interlaken is a city with stunning views in every direction you look. If you are a traveller who likes all things outdoors then this city will not fail to disappoint. Cable cars, mountain railways, ski slopes, hiking trails, paragliding, swimming, boat rides, night sledging and river rafting are few popular activities to get your adrenaline fix. If you are an adventure lover then Interlaken may just grow on you and will not let you leave.

Did you know? – Interlaken is right on top of the best cities to visit in Switzerland, well-known and most popular summer getaway in Switzerland.      

Few sights to visit in Interlaken:

  • View the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfraujoch summits - Climb to top of Mount Jungfrau which offers splendid views of the summits of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfraujoch
  • Jungfraujoch excursion – Excursion to Jungfraujoch, a saddle in the Alps which connects two four-thousander peaks
Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe
  • Trümmelbach Falls - A set of 10 waterfalls that are formed from glaciers
  • Harder Kulm - A viewpoint that is 1321 meters high and overlooks the cityscapes and sceneries of Interlaken
Harder Kulm
Harder Kulm
  • Schynige Platte - This is a mountain ridge which also offers a viewpoint with stunning views
  • Lake Brienz - A pristine lake which has a stunning mountain backdrop
  • Lake Thun - Named after the city Thun, this is a scenic lake
  • St Beatus Caves - Beautifully set, a small portion of this cave is open to public. Visit here to learn about the mysterious legend behind this cave
St. Beatus Caves
St. Beatus Caves

2. Lucerne

A lakeside city, Lucerne lies in the heart of Switzerland and is another picture-perfect postcard town cushioned between mountainous panoramas. Lucerne’s beauty is almost inconceivable and seems akin to a painting. Although its ancient town is attractive, compact and popular, it has all the traits of a modern city. Wooden bridges, fortified towers, well-worn out churches and ornate antique frescoes make up the traditional townscape. On the modern side, you have the up and coming Lucerne with the Culture and Convention Centre, a leading building of modern architecture, the promenade lined with cafes and bars and other such paraphernalia’s. All in all, this compact city has friendly vibes and great hospitality best cities to visit in Switzerland are known for, and makes for an apt pit stop for a day or two.

Things to do in Lucerne:

  • Lake Lucerne cruise - Relaxing cruise down the serene Lake Lucerne
  • Mount Titlis - A mountain that is part of the Alps, with many activities around
  • Old Town - Take yourself back in time in the peaceful and beautiful Old Town of Lucerne
  • Chapel Bridge - The oldest wooden bridge which leads to a landmark of Lucerne, the Water Tower
Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge
  • Water Tower - An octagon shaped tower which is Lucerne's landmark
  • Mount Pilatus - A mountain containing several peaks and overlooking Lucerne

3. Zurich

Settled on the shores of the picturesque Lake Zurich and at the base of the Alps, the jewel among best cities to visit in Switzerland ensures that every sight is made up of stunning scenery and beautiful vistas. It has a reputation for being the center of international banking and the capital for first-rate chocolates but surviving behind this financial façade is a modern city bursting with shopping, museums and nightlife. In addition, the historical roots of the city have been well-preserved; it is made evident by the emblematic guild houses, Swiss National Museum, Lindenhof square and Grossmünster church. Known to be one of the most livable cities in the world, from an urban escape to idyllic and rural towns nearby, Zurich has it all.

Things to do in Zurich:

  • Shopping in Bahnhofstrasse Avenue - The main downtown area with exclusive and expensive stores
  • Old Town - A chance to experience the multifaceted past of Zurich
  • Chagall Windows - Stained glass windows at the Fraumünster church created by Marc Chagall
  • Dolderbahn train ride - A railway track in Switzerland which takes you past scenic routes
  • Alpamare Water Park - A fun and entertaining water park
  • Zurich Zoo - A zoo with 370+ species of animals

4. Zermatt

From its picturesque mystical mountains, surrealistic atmosphere to some delectable food, Zermatt is hands down one of the best travel destinations in the world.

Located at the foot of Matterhorn, from Zermatt, the enthralling sight of the mountainous regions around, give you feelings tantamount to having entered a dream world and a very little of that can be conveyed in words. One look is all it takes to enrapture you. Be it what you do at the town - eat the delectable food, sip on few beverages or indulge in adventure activities, the spellbinding effect of the Matterhorn will leave you smitten.

Things do in Zermatt:

  • Matterhorn Mountains - The colossal and awe-inspiring mountain rage at the base of Zermatt
  • Gornergrat - A rocky ridge at 3089 meters high has great viewpoints
Gornergrat (Picture Credits: Kurt Müller)
  • Monte Brè - A small mountain which offers stunning views of Lugano and the different Alp ranges

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