Croatia Tourism: 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Cannot Miss



Croatia Tourism: 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Cannot Miss

by Holxo Travel Specialist


To many of us, Croatia might seem quite small, but there is no lack of fascinating sites to explore. From towns with immense history to mesmerising national parks, several of which have been certified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO as well. There are a few sites which don’t surprise us but the other little-known ones are yet to make it to traveler’s bucket lists of Croatia Tourism. They are all conveniently located and easily accessible from major cities and towns to pique the interest of all travellers.

Here are the fabulous UNESCO World Heritage Sites which you cannot miss when in Croatia. 

1. The Old City of Dubrovnik

The majestic and imposing architecture of Dubrovnik has earned it the well-lauded label ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’. It’s hardly unexpected, that a coastal city whose treasures include Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance churches, fountains, palaces and monasteries, form a city-wide UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Beautiful yes, but these labyrinths of architectural masterpieces of the city are so astounding because they tell stories about the city’s past. Today, it is among the best-preserved medieval cities throughout the world which displays the beauty of Croatia Tourism and Croatian culture.

2. The historic city of Trogir

An exceptional illustration of urban continuity is what UNESCO regards Trogir as. It’s high cultural value and beauty that is unsurpassed has led it to be named as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Old Town is adorned with the influence of the subsequent periods. The Roman-Gothic Complex is the best-preserved one in Central Europe. It also boasts of several churches, palaces, Venetian-era Renaissance structures, Baroque buildings, Church of St. Lovro, etc.

3. Medieval Split and Diocletian’s Palace

A primeval palace, Diocletian’s Palace, was built during the 3rd Century for the Roman Emperor Diocletian. It’s tucked away in Split, the second largest city. There are 220 buildings in the palace and it is among the best-preserved Roman architecture monuments throughout the world. Half of Split’s Old Town is made up of these impressive ruins. Today, an open-air museum is what leaves all travelers in absolute awe. Plus, you can also take a Game of Thrones tour at this palace to see where the famous show was shot.

4. The Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica, Poreč

Poreč lies in the Istrian town that is best known as a leisurely summer resort. Also, in this town is one of the most important historic sites which was built in the 6th Century, the Euphrasian Basilica. Not only is it a rare but also a precious example of Byzantine art. This premium Croatia Tourism feature includes an atrium, church, baptistery, memorial chapel and episcopal palace. Be sure to peek at the beautiful mosaic designs, an outstanding feature here, which glow in the candlelight. This Basilica is also believed to be one of the places where Christianity was founded.

5. Stećci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards

In July 2016, Stećci – a collection of medieval graveyards and tombstones became the 8th world heritage site of Croatia. Stećci are carved from limestone and date back to the 12th Century. A broad range of inscriptions and motifs are featured on Stećci which represent iconographic continuities through Europe as well as distinctive local traditions. There are about 30 Stećci sites which are spread across Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia.

6. Stari Grad Plain, Hvar

Dating back to the 4th Century, Hvar is one of the oldest towns in Croatia. Since that period, the cultural landscape has continued to remain undamaged and in one piece. To this day, olive and grape agriculture is preserved with groves and vineyards sheathing the plain almost endlessly. This plain is one of the best-preserved ancient Greek landscapes and one of the best places to visit in Kroatia.

7. Plitvice National Park

Perhaps, one of the most fantastic national parks in Croatia and without a doubt the most famous in Croatia Tourism, this is a playground of nature, spread across 300 square km, at its most awe-inspiring. This park is home to natural beauty, lakes, waterfalls and diverse species of plants, birds and mammals. What attracts thousands of Croatia trip tourists to this heritage site is the 16 cascading crystal lakes formed by natural dams that continually change color. They change color due to gypsum and plants which deposit gypsum. This process is a singular occurrence and the reason why Plitvice is a part of the list.

8. The Cathedral of St. James, Šibenik

The town of Šibenik is often passed over by tourists but here is where this gem lies. In this monumental basilica built entirely out of stone, Renaissance and Gothic styles blend beautifully. It is also an exemplary example of a fusion of architectural heritages from Dalmatia, Tuscany and Italy. The highlights of this church comprise of the exterior frieze which is decorated with 71 heads that represent men, women and children from the 15th Century and the ceiling which is beautifully carved of the baptistery.

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