What Women Want and can do while on a trip to Vietnam - Series 1



What Women Want and can do while on a trip to Vietnam - Series 1

by Holxo Travel Specialist


"Vietnam- Find the unexpected on a Vietnam trip"

"Goooood morning, Vietnam!" is a line from its namesake movie, “Good morning, Vietnam!” And a visit to this beautiful country will make you say this very famous line!

Introducing Vietnam!

Vietnam is many things rolled into one. When sharing expressions about the natural beauty of the place or what this place is all about, it can simply be termed as a charming exotic land that is enchanting and at the same time there’s an air of mystery about it. Everything about the culture, tradition, practices, and foods has such a different vibe about it that once you are on a Vietnam trip, you feel that you just want to discover and understand a little more.

The country has a unique shape- It is shaped like a Dragon. And typically, in the top part, or in the upper part of the dragon, in the northern side is where the capital city, Hanoi is. And in the tail end of the country or as it tapers down south, is where Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon is located.

It is said that in the second century BC, Vietnam as a country came into being. The word “Vietnam” typically meant a group of people residing in the South of China.

Geographically, Vietnam is located in the southwestern region of Asia in the Indochina Peninsula. Vietnam along with its neighboring countries, Cambodia and Laos make up the Indochina countries.

What awaits a tourist on her Vietnam trip?

When it comes to the beautiful natural landscapes, Vietnam really stands out. Right from the many peaks and mountains to the vast paddy fields, it seems to paint the country in inviting eye-catching colors. The country’s history is just something else. Many illustrious dynasties have ruled here and the country bears its strong imprint. The different wars that the Vietnamese have fought and sustained over time reflect the people’s grit and willpower.

A Vietnam tour package is perfect for any type of traveler. There are so many things to do, see, experience and engage in. There’s enough water, rivers, lakes, sea, beaches, national parks, rustic, rural landscapes, interesting foods and cuisine, and most of all, in every turn there is an element of surprise that awaits you at Vietnam tourist places.

You can never be fully prepared for what the place has on offer, and that is one of the unique qualities of the place. There won't be a moment to ponder over what to do in Vietnam!

Yes. It is a country that is still waiting to be discovered and uncovered. And as of today, from a tourism point of view, the real potential of Vietnam tourist attractions is still undervalued and not really known.

Yes. A Vietnam trip will definitely be unforgettable and cherished for a long time!

And as you plan a trip to Vietnam, you can check out our continued series, which is a city-wise breakup of tourist attractions, places to see, visit, things to do and how to make the most of your all women’s trip to Vietnam!

And we start our journey from North and then slowly move down South discovering and capturing interesting sights and things to see in Vietnam!


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